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How Do You Choose The Best Shaving Soap?

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1. Understand that Men Have Unique Chemistries

Though women and men can share the same bathroom space, they should not share the same products. Men possess hormonal combinations that prompts their skin to react to products in vastly different ways than a woman’s. A soap that is produced for men only, from formulation to packaging, ensures a great match.

2. Be Aware of Your Skin Type

Some men have naturally oily skin, and others are on the dry side. Across many skin types, sensitivity issues can exist. The best shaving soap is created with ingredients that are designed to balance skin moisture levels. This will probably also eliminate reactions by the skin when it’s exposed to blades.

3. Avoid Chemical Perfumes and Lathering Agents

Common soaps have synthetic perfumes, dyes, and foaming agents. All of these can cause allergic reactions, skin cell degradation, and histamine flare-ups leading to acne, or worse. Some extremely poor soaps will even oxidize and destroy blades.

4. Insist on Organics

When you shop for food, it’s not enough to buy products that are labeled as natural. It must also have been cultivated in a clean space. Though some soaps claim natural ingredients, those ingredients could have been extracted from unhealthy environments. Organic certification is an important soap quality.

5. Use Soaps Specifically Designed for Traditional Wet Shaving

Many products for shaving do not work well with hair bristle brushes and straight razors. A good soap must provide a smooth, yet thick substrate for a close cut. It must also have the body to last through an entire shave session, and be completely washable with only hot water.

6. Pursue Skin Preservation

Excellent shaving soaps completely coat and protect a skin’s surface. This includes wrinkled and dimpled areas of the face and neck. A man’s face should not take a beating during shaving simply because it has distinguishing features.

7. Know Your Soap’s Source

Wet shaving is a strong tradition. To continue the tradition, and have absolute security in the integrity of a soap, only choose one that was made in the USA. USA products are made for American men, and men should ethically, in turn, focus on supporting local products.

8. Convenience and Travel

Soap is only one element of a fine shave. There are other tools needed. Be sure you choose a soap that can be conveniently stored in a handy case, or a craft box. Always maintain an easy way to get a good shave while traveling.

9. Don’t Overspend

Couture mens shaving soaps are extraordinarily expensive, but do not always match their price with a promise of quality. Excellent organic soaps are available for prices that fit a modest budget.

10. Choose a Manly Essential Oil Scent That Matches You

Great soap producers will offer products with scents that retain an air of masculinity, but convey a multitude of interesting options. Be sure to choose a soap that matches your preferred mystique. These range from rosemary, mint, and sandalwood essential oils, to soap containing no scent at all.

There is no reason why you should have to subject your skin to harsh products while shaving. At the same time, certain organic soaps can add an extra bit of manliness simply through the act of shaving. Overall, try to find a soap source that meets all of your needs for health, aesthetics, and ease.

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