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How CMOs Can Use Cheap AI to Easily Triple Media Engagement and Publicity

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Technology has been programmed to take over the monotony of workplace redundancy and alleviate the physical assault of backbreaking labor. Think about it, a human authors a string of digital code that manipulates a foreign machine. An army of machines submit to the whims of a programmer, who translates ideas into instructional data, and kinetic movement is injected into the foreign machine. Innovations in technology have transformed our lives in every conceivable way, and yet some industries stubbornly shun the efficiency of machines for the vulnerable inefficiency of humans.

Sure, humans need to work, and to speak in favor of automation is to take cheap shots against human laborers. So, let’s agree to temporarily step into a fantasy world where people weren’t so voluntarily hypersensitive to things that aren’t even insulting, and have a quick conversation about the topic of technology and efficiency.

First, if technology can offer perfection and resiliency to laborious and redundant tasks, how does one argue against it? If artificial intelligence and machine learning can perfect complicated calculation and scan millions of pages in an instant and act upon preprogrammed triggers that are part of its instructional code, what logical reason would a company have for ignoring this next-generation solution?

Public relations is one of those industries where executives are afraid of mechanical efficiency because it will immediately shine a light on their rampant vulnerabilities, inconsistencies, and pathological shortcomings. Artificial intelligence offers the client exponentially more resilient returns than those of a three-dimensional zombie in a suit. AI works 24/7/365 and doesn’t take a vacation day, a sick day, or even an emotional recuperation day. The client receives the potency and resiliency of an inexhaustible machine that is programmed to do one thing and one thing only, offer the client continuous wins; day in day out.

You may have heard of Ronin Autom8. This platform offers the user unbridled power to the user to grab entire industry segments of publicity and earned media. This AI-driven technology offers journalists a steady flow of thought leader experts to interview and provide an elevated quality to their content. The thought leaders who assist journalists make their articles better do so by making themselves available for industry niche-focused interviews at the perfect time.

Public relations firms attempt to engineer a timing sequence to gain media engagement for their clients by pitching topics to journalists that included their client as the perfect expert for the interview. Nowadays, this rarely works as journalists are inundated with article volume demands by their editor, and when they find their groove, they don’t want to be interrupted. It’s a fact, in PR, the human component is the vulnerability in the process of garnishing large volumes of meaningful media engagements for their clients. Technology has come to save us from the shortcomings and backward mentality of those who fear efficiency in PR.

A publicist can make, at most, 40 calls in a day to pitch their client. A more aggressive and expensive firm may apply a team of 4 junior publicists to your account, so let’s say they can pitch you 100 times each day. For success to be realized, those calls must hit a journalist either in the process of writing an article in the industry niche of your client and is also interested in the interview. Or, the journalist has to be impressionable enough to sell them on writing a story about or inclusive of your client. This is rare, and campaigns like that are exhausting and fruitless.

Ronin Autom8 is unique because it automates the pitching process. This platform utilizes machine learning to continuously scan the web for the clients’ targeted keyword phrases being used in the social media posts and/or new article posts or expert outreach requests by any journalist. Their 500,000+ Dynamic database automatically updates it’s data in real-time and automates outreach to thousands of journalists on behalf of each of their clients. The communication is custom-tailored and personalized via the efficiency of AI, and even the scheduling between the journalist. The expert is technologically streamlined via the addition of a Calendly link, or other scheduling feature, built into the email.

CMOs who have taken on this new role of company public relations executive and public relations executives with an interest in upping their game are beginning to use programs like Ronin Autom8 to take media engagement to the next level. This mechanism is not limited to exclusively pitching journalists. Companies also use this technology to automate their press release distribution, big announcements about strategic hires, company events that require media coverage, mergers and acquisitions, product and services launches, and even newly formed strategic alliances. These platforms offer the ability to convey meaningful and timely information to journalists and media outlets. You’re getting in line early to assist journalists in shaping and optimizing their piece with an inside track from an industry maverick.

While many relic executives and technophobes will continue to grind out their media outreach manually, the vast majority are adapting to the endless possibilities for rapid and deeply rooted brand expansion that are made possible by the advancements in technology. For CMOs and public relations executives, get on board or get out of the way; because AI, machine learning, and media engagement automation is here. You can stand in the way, but the market will maneuver around you. The baffling level of ROI cost savings and turn-key efficiency has made the old guard a cautionary tale that will alert and teach future industry players the importance of agility and industry evolution.

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