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How a Locksmith can Modernize your Commercial Building Access

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How a Locksmith can Modernize your Commercial Building Access

Many growing businesses seek solutions to modernize their control over commercial building access and bolster security.

How can a locksmith help you make the best choice?

We’re glad you asked.

In this article, %COMPANY%’s experts will explain the different building access system types, their benefits, and what to expect from a professional locksmith during installation.

Are High-Security Locks the Right Choice for Your Business?

Determining if high-security locks are the right choice for your business involves considering several factors:

  • The level of security you need
  • The value of the assets you are trying to protect
  • Potential consequences of a security breach

Consider the nature of your business and the level of risk associated with it.

For example, in the financial or healthcare industry, you may need a higher level of security to protect sensitive information or assets. High-security options may be a good choice if you need a higher level of protection than what traditional locks can offer.

Benefits of Electronic Access Control

There are several benefits to having an electronic access control system installed at your business, including:

  • Enhanced security
  • Convenience
  • Customization
  • Audit trail
  • Remote access
  • Cost-effective
  • Integration with other security systems

An electronic access control system allows you to restrict access to certain areas of your business to only authorized personnel, which can help prevent theft, unauthorized access, and other security risks.

You can also track and monitor who has accessed certain areas of your business and when, which can help with investigations and compliance requirements.

You Want to Change Locks on a Door: What Are Your Options?

Your goal is to ensure your business and everything inside will remain well-protected. You already know there are better options than the old lock and key system you have in place now.

Sure, you made it work when your workforce was smaller, and keeping track of the whereabouts of physical keys was less of a concern, but now it’s time to modernize your building’s security to meet your current needs.

Let’s explore your options.

Commercial Keypad Door Locks

A commercial keypad door lock is a system that engages users to enter a code into a keypad to gain admission to a building, a section of a building, or an individual room or office.

With this type of smart lock in place, you can choose to have one access code across all users or select individual access codes for individual users.

Keyless Door Locks

Keyless entry systems are increasingly popular for businesses moving toward enhanced security and controlled access. With this system, you won’t need a physical key or PIN to access your building.

Instead, users will be issued an encrypted electronic access card or a key fob which takes the place of a physical key. If one of these fobs is lost or missing, or the person moves on from working at your company, you can deactivate their access easily with a single button click.

Remote Door Locks

Commercial remote door locks are electronic locks that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere using a smartphone or computer. They are designed to offer businesses a more convenient and secure way of managing their access control system.

Moreover, remote locking systems can be easily integrated with the other security measures you have in place, like your building’s alarm system.

Automatic Door Locks

Commercial automatic door locks are electronic locks programmed to lock and unlock automatically based on a set schedule or trigger event. This can be particularly useful in high-traffic areas where doors must be locked at certain times, such as after business hours or during breaks for lunch.

Biometric Door Locks

Commercial biometric door locks use biometric technology to authenticate the identity of an individual trying to gain access to a building.

Biometric door locks use unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans, to authenticate the identity of an individual trying to gain access to a building. This ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the premises, making it more secure.

What to Expect When Having New Key Control Systems Installed

When installing a new key control system at your business, you should expect a professional and efficient installation process.

First, the locksmith will assess your business and work with you to determine the best key control system for your needs. This will involve discussing your security concerns, identifying the areas that require key control and evaluating your existing locks and keys.

Once you’ve selected the key control system that best aligns with your goals, the locksmith will install the new locking mechanisms and set up the key control system according to your specific requirements.

This process may include creating a master key system, assigning different access levels to various employees, or implementing other security features such as electronic access control systems.

The locksmith will also provide training on the new key control system and ensure all employees have the appropriate keys and access levels.

Overall, you can expect a smooth installation process and a secure and reliable key control system that provides peace of mind and enhances the security of your business.

Hire a Trusted Local Locksmith to Guide You Through the Process of Upgrading Commercial Locks

At %COMPANY%, we understand how important it is to ensure your business’s security needs are met with affordable solutions and innovative technology.

Now that you’ve taken the time to familiarize yourself with and evaluate some of the best smart locking types on the market, you’re ready to get in touch with a licensed locksmith who can guide you through the process of upgrading commercial locks on any building type.

If you still have unanswered questions, our team of reputable professionals is happy to consult with you to give you the information you need to make the best decisions.

Contact us at %PHONE1% to schedule a risk-free initial consultation, or visit our shop to speak to our master locksmiths in person. We’re sure to have all the solutions to your commercial locks!

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