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7 Advantages of Investing in Professional Website Design Services

There are over 1 billion websites out there in the world today. If you want yours to stand out in the sea of content, you’re going to have to optimize your website with the latest web design trends. 

However, it’s not easy to keep up with all of the contemporary web design options. This is why we recommend hiring a professional website design service. 

If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional website designer, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through nine more reasons why you might want to invest in professional website design. 

1. Increased Engagement 

It’s no longer enough to simply have a website. With over 1 billion websites out there, you can bet that most businesses have websites. To succeed in business in the 2020s, you’re going to have to have a great website, a website that constantly generates engagements. 

Professional website designers understand how to make use of color theory, design tenants, and advertising tactics to create a website that’s fun to interact with. They’ll set your website up so that any user can land on any page in as little as three clicks. 

2. Increased SEO 

When you hire a professional website designer and get increased engagement, you’re also going to see an increase in SEO. Google looks at the time people spend on websites and how engaged they are when considering in their algorithm which pages to promote. If people are bouncing from your site — or leaving without doing anything — your site is going to suffer. 

Website designers also know how to set up your blog so that you have an opportunity to put out as much SEO content as possible. They can set up a videos page for you to make use of video SEO (a growing part of the SEO world) and customer reviews. 

3. Increased Shares

The crux of digital marketing is getting people to share your content. This effectively turns potential customers into your very own personal advertisers. When someone likes your content enough to share it on their own page, they clearly like your content a lot.  

This practice opens you up to a whole new batch of potential customers. The people on this person’s friends list will see this content that you shared, and might even share it to all of their friends. 

If a share brings you in even a single customer the share would have been well worth it. 

4.  It Makes Maintenance Easier  

Building things on the internet is just as complicated and intricate as building things in the real world. It requires a deep knowledge of coding, computer science, and the history of the internet. 

If you use a cheap service to design your own website, you might save some money and achieve some success, but you won’t be ready to take on the business world. Websites develop bugs and problems just as much as in-person stores develop leaks, bug problem, and electric issues. 

When your website is well designed by someone you can interact with, you can be given the tools to deal with these issues. Or, you can even call them up to fix the issues for you. 

At the end of the day, if the problems persist for too long, you might lose customers. 

5. It Makes Performance Better

Even if your website doesn’t experience crashes, it might experience problems without a professional website designer. 

If you’ve been on the internet longer than two days, you’ve encountered the annoyance of lag. A slow website, with long waiting times is one of the most aggravating inconveniences out there.

But do you know this might be the fault of the website you were on — not your own device/ connection? 

Professional website designers have the ability to make use of what they know about bandwidth and website design to create a slick and smooth-moving website. This will prevent you from losing valuable customers. 

6. It Will Be Mobile-Friendly

Your website might be fun and easy to access by way of desktops. But if you don’t specifically customize your site for mobile users, they’re going to run into problems.

Essentially, mobile users will have to navigate your computer-sized website with their smaller screens. This means a lot of annoying scrolling and a lot of wasted time. Most likely, they’re going to bounce right off your site, taking your good SEO rankings with them. 

Your professional website designer can customize your site for mobile usage, making the experience not just bearable for mobile users, but enjoyable. 

7. You’ll Look Professional

The internet has developed quickly in the past 15 years. If you had a building that was built 15 years ago, it probably looks alright — even good — for your business. 

However, if you have a website that was built 15 years ago, it is not going to look good. Websites designed in an old-school way harken back to the time when the internet was more of a wasteland, and viruses/ scams lurked around every corner. 

You don’t want to call these images to mind when people are navigating your site. If you want to seem professional, trustworthy, and legitimate, you need an up-to-date design. 

Check out this great website design for competition sites article, that will walk you through a great option for website design. 

Understand Professional Website Design 

As you can see, there are many reasons why one should invest in professional website design. All of the above things will serve your business and website well. 

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