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Hard Water And Hair Loss – Important Tips

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When water is classified as something “hard,” this simply means that it contains unwanted minerals that usually come at high levels.

In case you are not aware, hard water is coined by the experts due to the excessive amount of certain minerals like calcium, magnesium and copper present in the water. When such kinds of minerals are found in your water, its quality is considered to be poor. According to studies, hard water can lead to the onset of hair loss.

There are actually certain ways and procedures that can help you prevent the onset of hair loss due to the constant use of hard water. Take the time follow the basic recommendations below and get benefited along the way:

Take the Time to Soften Your Water

If your household has hard water supply, it is important to reduce the mineral content of it. The market is wealthy of different types and brands of ​water softener products that can help you solve the hard water issue in your home.

Water softener units are usually placed in the garage or basement and would usually rely on a constant dosage of sodium or salt to function properly. If you are living in an apartment that does not have this kind of machine then you should opt to buy one for your unit today. It may cost you a huge amount of money for investing one but rest assured that such kind of investment will serve you in the long run especially when you are dealing with hair loss.

Now if you can’t afford to buy a new water softener, you may take the time to look for rented water softeners. By renting one, you are given the opportunity to try and test it until such time that you have already saved enough to buy a new one. Find time to look for rental shops that rent out water softeners in your locality. You may try searching for one through the internet.

Search for Shampoos that Fight Off Hard Water

There are actually many different kinds of shampoos found in the market these days. However, you have to keep in mind that not all shampoos are created the same especially when you are opting to look for the one that has the ability to fight off hard water. Finding such kinds of shampoos may be something hard for you simply because they are not usually sold in beauty shops and pharmacies. However, by searching diligently on the internet, finding one is possible and in fact, there are plenty of them for you to choose from.

However, you have to keep in mind that these kinds of shampoos are a way more expensive compared to the regular ones. In this regard, it is important to take the time to read reviews pertaining to these products so that you will be able to get the value of the money you will be spending for it.

Add Vinegar to the Water that You Will Use to Rinse Your Hair

To prevent hair loss which is related to the use of hard water for bathing, there is another effective way to help you counter the effects this kind of water brings. To start off, you should get a bucket filled with tap water (see to it that the water is warm.) Put at least one to two tablespoonful of vinegar (use the white one) into the water. After which, you should take the time to stir and mix them together to ensure efficacy.

Once the water-vinegar mixture is prepared, you may now start showering and shampooing your hair the normal way. When you think it’s time to rinse off your hair, use the water and vinegar concoction for that purpose. See to it that all strands of your hair are soaked to the mixture. Now if you find it hard to maneuver or carry the bucket on your own then you may ask for the assistance of someone in your family.

Make Use of Rain Water to Wash Your Hair

To prevent the onset of hair loss, you may use rainwater to wash your hair. When it rains, place containers to collect as much rainwater as possible. If you think it’s time to take a bath, spend some of your time heating rainwater in batches. Rainwater is an excellent type of water to clean and rinse of your hair, allowing you to get rid of hair loss in the process.

Important Tip

If you have already tried all the above-mentioned procedures and recommendations and you are still continuously suffering from hair loss, it is a good advice to take the time to visit and consult a doctor. There must be some other factors that might be causing your hair to fall and only a doctor or a dermatologist can determine such causes.

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