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How Long Does Meth Withdrawal Last?

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To break free from meth addiction, withdrawal has to be a priority. However, a lot of prospective clients are worried about what meth withdrawal will be like. One of the most common questions, in fact, is “how long does meth withdrawal last?” Find out exactly what the meth withdrawal timeline looks like and learn more about what to expect in detox and beyond in a meth addiction rehab center in Corona, CA.


If you’re asking, “how long does meth withdrawal last?”, you’re definitely not alone. This is an incredibly common question. Sadly, far too many people don’t get the addiction treatment help they need because they are worried about what withdrawal might feel like or how long it will last. Understanding more about the timeline can be helpful as you or your loved one prepare for medical drug detox.

The withdrawal process for meth tends to be longer than for most other drugs. That being said, it is still a necessary part of the recovery process. On average, meth withdrawal can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. However, the worst symptoms are over within a matter of days.

The first stage of the meth withdrawal timeline is the most severe. It is known as the crash, and it can last anywhere from a few days to a little over a week. Next is the stage filled with cravings, where symptoms tend to be less physical and more psychological. Lastly, clients will experience more happiness and fewer temptations until the withdrawal process tapers off altogether.


In addition to the length of meth withdrawal, many people are curious about the symptoms of withdrawal. For the most part, withdrawal is not a pleasant experience. However, any reputable detox or withdrawal facility will be able to provide you with resources to be safer and more comfortable throughout the process.

It is normal to experience some physical withdrawal symptoms like fatigue and headaches. During a meth detox, most clients will be very tired, lethargic and hungry. Over time, these symptoms will reduce in intensity and regulate themselves. Other symptoms during a meth withdrawal can include feelings of depression and anxiety.


After withdrawal is complete, clients can start to break free from their addiction in other ways. Getting clean is half the battle, but learning how to maintain that new lifestyle can be tricky. There are plenty of obstacles like relapse that can be difficult to navigate, but the right preparation can help clients find and stay on the right track for a lifetime. Fortunately, a meth addiction rehab center in Corona, CA can provide may make all the difference.

At Ridgeview Recovery, clients can overcome meth addiction through all of the following treatment methods and therapies:

How long does meth withdrawal last? The exact answer is different for every client. In every case, however, Ridgeview Recovery in Corona, California, can help. Call 855.463.5505 to learn more about overcoming a meth addiction and taking back control over your health, your life, and your future.

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