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Why Rheem Is a Top HVAC Brand Preferred by the Pros

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Does the air inside your home feel muggy or dusty? Do you have hot and cold spots throughout the house?

Are your heating and cooling bills way too high?

You could have a failing HVAC system and not even know it.

Even though more than 80% of American homes have a heating and air conditioning unit, less than half of all homeowners call for regular repairs.

Having a working HVAC unit is essential, especially in Arizona where temperatures can soar during the summer months. Rheem manufactures HVAC units for homes and businesses in areas with heavy demand for air conditioning.

Taking the time to keep up with HVAC repairs is vital. However, starting with a unit from a top HVAC brand may save you more time, money, and energy. There are dozens of HVAC brands, but Rheem offers a wide range of options for homeowners and property management companies. Rheem’s HVAC systems are considered among the best HVACs for your home by the pros.

1. Rheem Products Feature Higher SEER Ratings

Every air conditioning unit has a SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio. While the minimum required number varies from state to state, higher SEER ratings are always recommended.

In Arizona and throughout the Southwest, the SEER is required to be 14 or higher. Rheem offers PlusOne Energy Efficiency ratings of 20 SEER and higher on its air conditioning units.

If you have trouble with other HVAC brands turning on and off and creating hot spots in your home, you should consider Rheem products. This top HVAC brand features products with advanced air control and energy savings.

PlusOne Triple Service Access units feature panels that are easily removable for cleaning and repairs. They have EcoNet Smart Home Systems enabled to maximize energy savings.

There is no reason to put up with air conditioning units that don’t do a good job. It’s much easier to find Rheem products that can handle a lot of hot weather and that are up-to-date and eco-friendly.

2. Rheem Offers Rebates and Tax Credits

Rheem offers tax credits and rebates on its Energy Star air conditioning units, up to $750 in parts of the United States and Canada. Rheem works with federal rebate programs to determine rebate amounts.

Homeowners who are looking to replace their current unit with one of the best HVAc units for their property can work with local contractors who sell Rheem equipment. The contractors can also help homeowners figure out the best Rheem equipment for their home, office, or apartment building.

Rheem also invites homeowners to register their heating and cooling equipment online to qualify for extended product warranties.

Buying new HVAC equipment may seem like a large expense, but Rheem saves customers hundreds of dollars every year.

Having a comfortable atmosphere at work can also increase the flow of customers to your business. Being able to sleep in a cool home can be life-saving for older adults, pets, and children.

Investing in the top HVAC brand equipment that can cool your entire home or office instead of just parts of it is worth the investment.

3. Rheem Works with Customers Who Need Financing

Other HVAC brands expect customers to pay for their entire purchase up front, but Rheem offers its clients the chance to apply for financing.

They offer monthly payment options and allow customers to prepay without penalty. Rheem has a simple online application process and replies to credit requests quickly.

Rheem also offers fixed payment plans with interest rates that are lower than many credit card rates.

Air conditioning demand is much higher in the summertime than it is in the winter. Homeowners can use Rheem’s financing plans to make sure that they have a working HVAC system before the peak season starts in Arizona.

Typically, clients apply online for financing online and will receive an answer within two business days. Times may vary depending on the volume of requests that they receive.

4. Rheem Offers a Wide Variety of Heating and Cooling Products

Other HVAC brands only stock a few varieties of air conditioning units, but Rheem offers a full range of products. They make air conditioners, gas furnaces and heat pumps, oil furnaces, and thermostats.

Rheem also offers a wide range of commercial HVAC products including package HVAC units that are installed next to a business or office space. They have rooftop package options that include heating and cooling equipment in the same unit.

If you are a business owner, you should know that Rheem handles corporate financing and can work with any sized business.

They can deliver within 48 hours and guarantee a straightforward, easy installation process. Rheem, a top HVAC brand, strives to provide excellent service to its commercial and residential customers. They offer a $100 rebate if there is trouble with filling orders.

Why Professionals Prefer Rheem

Rheem has worked with home and business owners for decades and has developed a great reputation in the HVAC industry. They realize that high-quality products, along with great customer service, is the key to reaching new customers.

Every year, American homeowners spend more than $25 billion on air conditioning. They are looking for the best HVAC brands that have dependable warranties, professional installation, and friendly customer service.

Homeowners are also looking for savings, and they realize that switching to an energy-efficient HVAC model could save them up to half of their heating and cooling costs every year.

Rheem provides financing, rebates, and warranty service to its residential and commercial clients. They have been featured on HomeAdvisor for having the lowest percentage of gas furnace repairs in the industry.

Rheem has also received positive reviews for their parts warranties, which last up to 20 years depending on the parts involved.

Finding good HVAC brands shouldn’t be difficult, but it can be confusing to try to navigate through complicated websites. Rheem offers clear information and partners with local contractors to maximize the savings for their clients.

For more information and to find a contractor, take a look at Rheem’s website. They encourage questions and can have a salesperson contact you with product specifics and manufacturing details.

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