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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Logo Work Gloves In 2022

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When it comes to safety, your business can’t go without work gloves to protect your employees.

You may not have realized but those plain old gloves are actually an opportunity to create brand awareness and show off the great service your business offers.

One of the keys to marketing is repetition and brand recognition. The more you can get in front of your customers, the better!

Need a hand with your brand? Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s everything you should know about logo work gloves!

Why Logo Work Gloves?

Providing employees with work gloves is a practical and essential part of your business. They protect your workers’ hands from things like cuts, burns, and abrasions. Maybe your employees also work in cold temperatures and need to keep their hands warm.

Whatever the job, when your workers are out and about, you have the opportunity to show off what your business can really offer. Having a branded logo on the hands of all your employees will show cohesion and teamwork.

It also happens to be a visible display of your brand that is easy to see. Bright colors are great for both safety reasons and brand recognition. Your workers will be reminded that they are representing the company and clients will remember your name and the amazing service you provide.

Go, Team!

When you surprise your workers with professional work gloves that have been branded with your company’s personal logo, they’ll feel like they’re part of an important team. This creates camaraderie and pride knowing they’re a valued member of the company culture.

They’ll also know by the quality of these gloves that you care about their wellbeing. Plus, seeing the company’s logo adds prestige to an everyday piece of gear.

Encourage Safety

Sometimes it can be difficult to encourage employees to wear their safety gear on a regular basis. Having a branded pair of work gloves shows that you have invested in their protective gear and believe in its importance.

For new employees, presenting them with their own pair of logo work gloves is a great first impression. They’ll know the importance of wearing them and also that you expect them to appropriately represent the company. They also make a nice gift or giveaway to improve employee morale.

Variety of Types

When it comes to purchasing logo work gloves, there are a variety of options to meet all types of needs and situations. Here are just a few of the many options available.


For tough protection that holds up over time, you can rely on a pair of tried and true leather gloves. Choose from options such as pigskin, cowhide, or synthetic leather in a number of colors to match any brand.


Logo gloves aren’t just for construction workers, you can also find cotton-knit gloves to keep your hands warm outside during the blustery winter months. For those who need a bit of both, there are heavy-duty canvas and cotton gauntlet cuff options to keep hands warm and protected from lacerations.


These logo gloves are a great option for workers who want the comfort and breathability of softer gloves but still need the protection of a hard surface.

Dipped gloves provide a harder surface on the palm side of the glove. They come in a variety of styles and prices from lightweight latex, black nitrile and economy dipped.


If your workers need something extra-tough you can supply them with logo welding gloves. These gloves mean business with flame retardant kevlar and a heat shield.


For those workers operating heavy machinery all day, they’ll love these anti-vibration logo gloves. This can help with the aches and pains that come with constant vibration.

When it comes to representing your brand, these gloves aren’t just about showcasing your logo. They should also provide more than adequate protection for whatever work needs to get done.

High Visibility

Do your workers find themselves out after dusk? Maybe they work close to the road or in the woods. For these kinds of jobs, high visibility gloves are vital. Logo high visibility gloves come in styles that have bright colors and reflective tape so your employees will be easily spotted.

All Shapes & Sizes

Part of the safety of wearing gloves is to make sure they fit properly. If they’re too loose they could fall off or cause someone to lose their grip. That’s why our logo gloves come in youth and small sizes. These are a great option for those workers who have smaller hands.

Perfect Your Design

When transferring your logo onto a pair of gloves you need the assistance of a graphic designer to get the colors and layout just right. This is all part of the impressive customer service when it comes to purchasing logo work gloves.

You first purchase the gloves you are interested in. Then a professional graphic artist will contact you to retrieve your logo. They’ll work to make sure your logo really pops.

Next Level Marketing

If your business is looking for the perfect branded giveaway or work uniform then logo work gloves are going to take you to the next level. Your team will show off their gloves with pride and your customers will know who they can rely on.

Plus how many gloves do you know come with a Handshake Guarantee? Work gloves are a necessary part of being on the job. Change something boring into a special source of pride! Check out the full spectrum of gloves to meet your needs.

Want to learn more ways to market your logo in new ways? Check out our blog for more helpful tips.

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