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CBD Oil Fibromyalgia

Can CBD Oil Help Fibromyalgia Patients Find Relief?

Those who suffer from Fibromyalgia experience symptoms that can be difficult to treat. Enter CBD oil – many are finding success. We’re sharing why here.

“But you look totally fine.” “It can’t be that bad.”

These are phrases people suffering from chronic illnesses hear all too often.

Fibromyalgia is an especially frustrating condition to live with since there is nothing that changes in a person’s appearance to show they’re sick.

Instead, fibro suffers have to work through the pain and do what they can to control it.

Unfortunately, the medical field doesn’t many answers to what causes fibromyalgia and how to help it. There are just a few medications out there currently and they aren’t known for working especially well.

It’s time that treatments catch up with the severity of this condition, and that’s why everyone with fibromyalgia should look into what CBD can do for them.

What’s fibromyalgia?

Since fibromyalgia is an “invisible disease,” (meaning you can’t tell that someone is suffering from it) it’s important to know what it really is.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that causes pain and tenderness to happen at different points of the body, or sometimes all over the body. These are unpredictable and shifting in location and pain intensity.

Some people tend to experience their pain levels come and go from day to day but others live in constant discomfort.

Fibromyalgia also can cause people to lose sleep and become exhausted, develop gastrointestinal issues, and experience depression.

It’s also shocking to know that 80-90% of people suffering from fibromyalgia are females!

Why CBD oil should be on your radar

If you are experiencing the pain associated with fibromyalgia, you should keep CBD oil on your radar.

This incredible natural product is shown to actually help people with fibromyalgia while avoiding all the nasty side-effects of regular pharmaceutical medications.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a natural oil extracted from the hemp (cannabis) plant. Now, we’ve all heard a lot about marijuana’s “high” effects but don’t worry – CBD doesn’t cause a high. 

It’s been linked to helping children with epilepsy and many cite CBD oil as their way to manage fibromyalgia most effectively.

How can it help people with fibromyalgia?

With many states currently legalizing cannabis and its many forms, it’s true that there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence saying that CBD oil helps with fibromyalgia.

Then again, fibromyalgia is an illness that the medical field doesn’t really understand either!

What’s true is that an overwhelming about of people say that taking CBD oil has helped with living more comfortably.

CBD oil helps ease the pain fibro sufferers feel by increasing the level of “endocannabinoids” in our bodies. It turns out that endocannabinoids are our body’s natural way of relieving pain and reducing inflammation, and CBD oil only heightens these benefits!

If you are sick of trying prescription medications and receiving no relief, keep an open mind to trying CBD oil. It can help you manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia that are debilitating and return you to a normal life!

When it comes time to test out CBD oil for yourself, make sure to monitor your symptoms to find out how often you should be using it for the best effects.

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