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Going Abroad? Travel with One of These 8 Faux Diamond Rings for 2020

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Picture this: you’re on vacation, taking those first blissful steps into the sea. You wave at your friends as they walk down the beach, and your engagement ring flies off your hand and into the surf.

You dive down, frantically digging in the sand, but your ring is nowhere to be found.

At that moment you wish more than anything that you’d left your engagement ring at home.

Since getting married, your hand just looks so naked without the precious engagement ring. What’s a girl to do?

These types of mishaps are all too common when people travel with jewelry. You might worry that you’ll have to sacrifice your style to keep your valuables safe.

Fortunately, there’s a middle ground between leaving your wedding ring at home and risking loss or theft while traveling.

Faux diamond rings are the answer! Read on for our complete guide to the most authentic fake diamond rings to wear on your next trip.

Why Wear Faux Diamond Rings for Travel? 


For all the fun of travel, keeping your valuables safe can be a constant source of stress. You already have to worry about your phone, wallet and laptop. Why add your engagement ring to the mix?


Wearing a faux diamond ring for travel comes with the clear advantage of protecting against loss and theft. Yet it can also help you stay safe when you’re traveling!

Especially when you’re exploring on your own, you may find that you get a lot of unwanted male attention. Wearing a fake diamond ring can be a great way to fend off strangers’ advances.

Even for women who aren’t married, a diamond ring sends the immediate signal that you’re not interested.

Faux diamond rings provide the perfect balance of style and practicality. Whatever look you’re going for, there are tons of options to choose from!

The Classic Solitaire

In this timeless style, a single diamond rests on a diamond-encrusted band. This iconic ring adds a touch of elegance to any look.

This is one of the most popular engagement ring choices. Cut and polished to the highest of standards, this fake diamond ring will fool even the most exacting of observers into thinking it is real!

Luxuria faux diamond rings. Classic solitaire round star cut engagement ring cz

Photo: The LUMINESCE 2.04 ct. round star cut solitaire faux engagement ring with matching wedding band from Luxuria


The Halo Ring

If you’re looking for a ring that’s a bit more elaborate, our halo ring may be the one for you.

This stylish ring features a large, square-cut diamond sits encircled by smaller diamonds. Crafted of the highest quality rhodium and plated with fine sterling silver, this ring matches quality with affordability.

The halo ring has become very trendy in the last few years – enough to earn it the designation of a modern classic. If you’ve gone more traditional with your main engagement ring, you might want to go with this cool, of-the-moment alternative for your travel ring.

The Diamond Band

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple. When you’re looking for a clean, elegant look, our diamond encrusted band is ideal. This style makes a perfect anniversary ring and perfectly complements the other rings in our collection.

Whether worn by itself or stacked with one of our other rings, this band makes a classy addition to any look.

The Art Deco Ring

When you’re looking for maximum sparkle with a nod to vintage design, we’ve got the perfect ring for you.

Our Decoro style offers a wider band, with a look of inlaid flowers and leaves. Combining classic diamonds and pink flower gems, this ring adds a touch of color and personality to your look. And the delicate flower detail makes it perfect for spring!

The Avant-Garde Ring

LUXR133 Anapto ring by Luxuria jewellery brand

Photo: The ANAPTO, an avant-garde open weave faux diamond engagement ring from Luxuria®


If traditional diamond ring styles just aren’t for you, you may want to check out our more modern rings.

Featuring multiple interwoven diamond strands, our Anapto ring grabs attention and shows your uniqueness and creativity.

The Pear-Shaped Cut

The pear-shaped cut is one of the biggest diamond trends for this year.

The pear shape gives a sense of elegance and refinement. It also comes with the added benefit of making your fingers appear longer and thinner!

Our range of pear-shaped rings adds a fun burst of color to the classic shape. Whether you’re looking for a ring in brilliant blue topazsparkling amethyst, or deep, smoky brown, our pear-shaped rings offer a fun and versatile alternative to the classic diamond ring.

The Vintage Design

Vintage engagement rings are known for their ornate patterns and delicate flourishes. A vintage-style ring can be a great way to incorporate a nod to the past into any look.

With a vintage-style faux wedding ring for travel, you can experiment with new styles without paying those hefty vintage prices.

Our top-selling Aeschylus ring incorporates a blue sapphire color gemstone surrounded by a cascade of small white diamond simulants. This ring is perfect for adding a bit of Old World elegance to any look.

The Colored Gemstone

White diamonds may be the traditional choice for engagement rings, but colored gemstones are becoming ever more popular for brides looking to spice up their style.

What’s more, many colored engagement rings come with special symbolic meanings. Whether you want your ring to represent devotion, honesty, or a celebration of your relationship, there’s a colored ring for you.

If your real engagement ring is a white diamond, why not mix it up with a faux engagement ring that adds a pop of color?  We offer a wide range of colored gem rings that can liven up any look.

Faux diamond rings from Luxuria. synthetic emerald silver engagement ring

Photo: The Luxuria® EMERARUDO 0.8 ct. synthetic emerald & white diamond simulant engagement ring

Travel with a Faux Diamond Engagement Ring in 2019

For all the fun of travel, keeping your valuables safe can be a constant source of stress. You already have to worry about your phone, wallet, and laptop.  Why add your engagement ring to the mix?

As you’ve seen in this post, there are realistic faux diamond rings for every sense of style. Whether you like a classic cut or a more alternative design, we’ve got the ring for you.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find a faux engagement ring that matches your style and your budget. Shop our collection today to find the perfect ring for you!

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