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The 4 Best Alternatives to Male Enhancement Pills

Almost every guy has at some point wished he’d had a bigger penis.

There are countless products out there that capitalize on this, claiming to provide huge, almost magical results. The most prolific of which is male enhancement pills.

You really can increase your penis size with some of these methods, but not everyone is comfortable taking pills they’ve bought off the internet. Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to do it.

Read on for effective ways to get bigger without taking pills.

How to Add Inches Without Male Enhancement Pills

Vacuum Pumps

There are a variety of pumps on the market, which are designed to increase the size of the penis by creating a vacuum around it.

They’re essentially plastic cylinders, which are placed around the penis. As air is drawn out of them, blood circulates to the area, fully engorging it. This expands the tissue so that its capacity to hold blood is increased.

However, there are potential risks to using these pumps. Over pumping can result in tissue or arteries, so care should be taken at all times. The effects are known to be short-term, so pumping needs to be done regularly. This makes it a labor-intensive method.


Penis extenders are devices that aid in stretching the penis to increase its length. They consist of two rings, one of which fits around the base of the penis while the other fits around the head, and two adjustable rods between them.

They’re used to gradually stretch the penis over time without the use of vacuum assistance.


There is a way to increase penis size without the use of any medical treatment or strange equipment. Penis enlargement exercises.

The technique is known as jelqing and originates from the Middle East. To carry out the exercise, lubricate the penis and grip it with your thumb and index finger. From the base to just before the glans, move your hand down the penis in a milking motion. This will push blood into the penis.

Exercises such as this one are said to increase penis size and erection quality by pushing blood into the shaft.

Penis Enhancement Surgery

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution in one procedure, you could get a surgical penis extension.

This typically involves a dermal fat graft, which is taken from the buttock area and placed under the penile skin. For those who have excess skin obscuring the penis, a pubic lift is more suitable.

These procedures are particularly popular in Germany, where 1 in 5 penis enlargement surgeries takes place.

For long-term results without surgery, you could also opt for injections. This method uses FDA-approved dermal fillers to increase penis size.

Improve Your Sexual Performance

Male enhancement is a step towards becoming a much better sexual partner, but it’s no use having the right equipment if you don’t know what to do with it. It’s worth doing your research and seeing other ways you can step up your game as well.

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