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Skillspace Redesigns Its Website, Launches New App to Connect Contractors with Skilled Workers

The job search and hiring platform has revamped its website to simplify how skilled workers find jobs and recruiters find workers. It has also launched an app where workers and companies can create accounts and find their matches. The new app is compatible with Android and IOS phones and tablets. For more information, click here.


Orlando, FL, January 27, 2022— When SkillSpace identified a gap in the way contractors find jobs, they came up with a website to connect them with the right skills. Construction workers, electricians, HVAC technicians, and more can search for work by contacting prospective employers and showcasing their skills. Companies can also post up to ten jobs and find the right people for the job with a few clicks.

SkillSpace has redesigned the website to make it appealing and easier to use. Besides this, the start-up has also launched a mobile app where employees and employers can create accounts and connect with a few clicks. The SkillSpace Construction Job App features several sections: create an account, discover, connect, chat, and business networking.

“Keeping steady work can be difficult and scary. You are qualified and professional, yet it seems like you are constantly battling to get paid what you deserve. SkillSpace gives you the ability to control your career. This is possible by setting up an account displaying your credentials searching for local jobs. With this method, you are immediately searchable by companies looking for what you have to offer and even reach out to companies directly to offer your services, “explained Frank Hesburg, SkillSpace co-founder.

SkillSpace is a skills hub where employees and employers can interact directly, without the cunning ways of a middleman. Someone looking to hire will go through the thousands of skilled workers and choose their preferred worker. Similarly, a contractor looking for work can go through prospective clients’ profiles and message those that require their skills.

Our app makes searching for talent and works easy. Connect with the right worker or opportunity in a few minutes by searching for workers or jobs through a skillset or job description filter. When you find what you are looking for, you can chat with the other party in just a few clicks,” added Hesburg.

The SkillSpace Job iOS App differs from other job-seeking and hiring platforms in several ways. First, it is not exclusively based on a job post. Unlike Craigslist, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter, which depend on advertised job opportunities, contractors on SkillSpace can cold pitch companies looking for their skillset.

“While we help you find open positions, we highly encourage you to reach out directly to companies in your area to build relationships. Even if the company you are interested in is not necessarily looking to hire, you can still inform them of your skills and availability,” added Hesburg.

About SkillSpace: SkillSpace is a platform that connects construction crews and individuals to contractors. Contractors get to find the labor in a few clicks by scrolling through accounts of skilled workers. Individual workers and crews can also find work by searching for opportunities that match their skillset. The firm also launched a mobile app where contractors and professionals can easily create account profiles to find their matches. SkillSpace’s mission is to build a fantastic community of skilled tradesmen.

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