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Gas vs Electric Golf Cart: Which One Works Best for You?

Until the 1950s, many golfers walked up to five miles in order to complete a game. The invention of the golf cart by Merle Williams after World War II helped solved this issue.

As golf carts have evolved, so have their luxurious features that have made them an ideal mode of transportation aside from the green. Many workplaces also use golf carts as an economically friendly option in lieu of an automobile.

Golf carts operate using either gasoline or electricity. Both have their advantages and drawbacks depending on your needs. Keep reading to examine the difference between a gas vs. electric golf cart in helping determine which one is best for you. 

How Each One Works

Similar to a car, gas golf carts use a combustion engine and are fueled using gasoline. The cart is equipped with acceleration and brake pedals for controlling speed. While they’re similar to cars, gas carts are limited in power capabilities and still require maintenance to ensure engine longevity.

Rather than relying on gasoline, electric golf carts are solely battery operated. These batteries have to be charged prior to use but can last several hours depending on distance traveled.


If you’re looking for the fastest, most powerful golf cart then the answer is gas. These golf carts can be built to handle larger weight capacities and have custom designs. It’s also a quick, simple process to refuel when gasoline runs out.

On the other hand, electric golf carts are safer for the environment as they produce no emissions. Additionally, electric carts tend to cost less than their gas counterparts and charging a battery requires no money.

For those covering long distances with large loads, gas golf carts are highly effective. Limited access to gasoline or flexibility in cargo, however, makes electric golf carts an intriguing alternative.


While gas-powered golf carts may seem more efficient, they will cost you more. Both upfront and in the long run. Gasoline costs can add up and lack of access can hinder your cart’s ability to function.

Although not as prevalent as automobiles, the pollution gas carts produce negatively impacts the environment and has caused some communities to propose banning them altogether.

Many electric golf cart owners may experience some limitations besides slower speeds and lack of horsepower. Unlike a gas gauge and other golf cart parts that serve as a warning signal, it can be difficult to know when a battery is dying. This is especially important when traveling far distances away from a charging station.

Deciding Between a Gas vs. Electric Golf Cart

Ultimately, the best golf cart for you is dependent on many factors. This includes your spending budget, primary usage for it, and longterm care.

Those looking to add more efficient transportation methods in the workplace, for example, will find gas golf carts more practical. While golfers who just stick to driving on the course may find electric golf carts are a much more cost-effective option.

A golf cart is a major purchase, factor in how you will use it in the longterm when deciding between a gas vs. electric golf cart. Especially if you eventually decide to sell it.

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