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4 Must-Have Contractor Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business Online

Are you a contractor? While many perks come with the job, there are also many challenges. Independent contractors make up 6.9% of employment in the United States. No matter your niche, you’re under some serious competition.

The best way to stand out from the pack is with great marketing. Your presence will increase, attracting more business and individuals who need to hire you.

Fortunately, the digital platform makes it easy to market yourself. But there are still many things to learn.

How do you approach contractor marketing? Here are four contractor marketing tips to gain more leads and bids.

1. Create a Google Local Service Ad

Google makes it easy to gain clients for your contracting business. Google’s most recent innovation is their local service ad, which caters to finding jobs for local contractors.

You may think investing in advertising is expensive. Fortunately, it’s very affordable and works with all budgets.

Google has a pay-per-lead platform, so you only pay for leads who contact you.

2. Create a Functional Website

By now, you likely have a website. But do you have a functional website? In order for your website to be useful, your design should implement UX and responsive qualities.

This means your website has a user-friendly platform and is optimized for use on all devices.

Your website should also have minimal design qualities, and look overall clean and professional. It’s useful to include customer reviews to increase trust.

With that being said…

3. Get More Reviews

Consumers are smart. Before investing in a contractor, they make sure they’re paying for the best. That’s why 90% of your customers will first read your reviews.

Because of this, your customer reviews have more influence over your SEO than you think, and both good and bad reviews are included in this context.

Even bad customer reviews benefit your search engine results over a contractor with no review.

To entice customers to review your business, offer a reward program and offer a free or discounted service with a review.

Speaking of SEO…

4. Don’t Forget About SEO

All of these techniques combined will help increase your SEO performance.

Google will recognize your company by your ads and your reviews. Your fast-loading and responsive design will also give you a search engine boost.

This isn’t the only way to improve your SEO. Start hosting a blog on your website.

Optimize your blog with keyword-rich headlines and content. Read more here for an incredible blog example.

Contractor Marketing: It’s Easier Than You Think

From SEO to advertising, there’s a lot in contractor marketing.

As with any business, marketing is key when increasing your client base. Your business needs to appear on search engines, your ads should appear, and there should be a way for customers to contact you.

Use these tips and let the customers come to you!

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