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Gain Local Traction! Why Your Company Should Hire a Local Seo Expert

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Your site is up, your business is running… but business from local residents has been slow.

Now what?

Sometimes it can feel like there’s no way to compete effectively with other local businesses for consumers that live in your area. After all, there are always big names out there that people have heard of.

Fortunately, there are great ways to boost your local SEO, so that when people search for businesses near them, your site is one of the top search results.

How do you do this? By hiring a local SEO expert.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, in this post, we’ll go over the top reasons why your company should hire a local SEO expert. And you can see for yourself if it’s the right move for you!

Keep reading to find out more!

Google Isn’t Helping!

The first sign that you need some help from a local SEO expert is if Google isn’t a major resource for you.

There’s a term that refers to the top 3 results of a local business search, which is the Google local 3-pack.

So, if someone searches for “Plumber near me” in Daytona, Florida, the Google local 3-pack is the top 3 results that come up in that search.

Try that search yourself for your area and business type. Does your business show up in the local 3-pack?

If it doesn’t, you’ve already seen evidence for why you need help from a local SEO expert.

When you work with a local SEO expert, they’ll be able to dive into the coding of your website. they’ll make tweaks and additions that they already know Google is looking for.

They’ll be able to enhance your local keywords, as well as place them in expert locations on your site.

You’ll already be on your way towards that Google local 3-pack.

Another aspect of the local search is to make sure that your business shows up through apps like Google maps and AroundMe. And that it shows up when someone goes “Hey Siri, find a plumber near me!”

A local SEO expert will help you with this type of search as well. They understand the assorted ways people search for businesses, and can help create and utilize keywords and search phrases that will maximize your chances of being found.

What Does Your Site Say?

If you’re running a business, you probably spend most of your time working on the actual business, right? You aren’t likely sitting at your computer trying to enter new content into your site.

You certainly aren’t spending time every day making tweaks and alterations to your site. And that’s great! You are running a business that requires your attention. you aren’t being paid to create content.

But, the reality is that the way to attract new customers in todays marketplace, you need to have an effective website funnel that brings in browsers and converts them to customers!

Fortunately, hiring a local SEO expert might be exactly the solution to your lack of new and fresh content.

SEO experts will work with you to frequently update your website’s copy, in ways that are complementary to your workflow. They won’t make you sit down and spend days on end writing blog posts.

Instead they’ll find the most efficient times and methods to help you keep your site updated with new and fresh content that will work with the system Google is using to decide site rankings.

Who Runs Your Site?

These days, anyone can create and maintain a basic website. And with big time companies offering easy to use templates, it’s an easy choice for many business.

The only problem is, not every template and web service provide is has the same goals as you. They are there to provide an easy to use and seamless web design process.

But they aren’t trying to make your local SEO rank higher. And why would they? If they gave a competitive advantage to one client, then other people in that space wouldn’t use their templates, hosting, etc.

So, as you can imagine, those services don’t come with local SEO strategies built in. You are working with their most basic code and templates.

But that’s were a local SEO expert can save the day. They can work with preexisting sites that are started from a generic template, and customize it.

They’ll arrange and tweak everything from backlinks, to schema markups and keyword. So you’ll still be able to use that great look from the template you purchased, but your SEO strategy will still be working for you, not against you!

Basic Business ROI

If you are running your business effectively, you know to keep an eye on your ROI for all your marketing and advertising strategies.

And, of course, that includes your digital strategies. A lot of business see that they aren’t getting a return on investment from their digital marketing and want to bail on that side of their marketing.

But that tends to turn a blind eye on the reality of the space, which is that more and more people are finding local business digitally.

So when you use a local SEO expert, they’ll be able to tailor your marketing strategy, and give you data-driven advice as to what steps you need to take to actively and effectively reach customers digitally.

And that’s when your ROI will start to go in the right direction!

Hiring a Local SEO Expert Is the Right Move

Hopefully you’ve been able to see why hiring a local SEO expert is a must for your business.

They can help enact and maintain a digital strategy that will improve your chances of getting in the Google local 3-pack. And they’ll do it in ways so that it doesn’t become your full time day job.

So you can get back to your real task at hand… running your business! If you’d like to learn more about how local SEO can work for you, contact us today!

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