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5 Crucial Reasons to Use a Courier Delivery Service

By 2023, expect the courier services market to be $410 billion. This segment of the shipping industry is meeting a need that keeps growing. Anybody shipping goods any other way has to ask themselves what they’re missing.

Perhaps you’ve always used the same freight delivery services. Is it time to re-think?  Read on to learn the five reasons to use a courier delivery service.

What is a Courier Delivery Service?

A courier delivery service picks up your parcel from one point and delivers it to another. The pick-up point can be your location or another one such as the courier’s office. Same day delivery is a common courier delivery option.

These deliveries can be available on-demand or on a scheduled basis. They can be booked online or by phone. Similarly, payment for the service can be online or by phone.

1. Fast

There are times when the most important thing is to be able to fulfill an order, today. The customer is keen to do business but can’t wait for scheduled delivery or for the postal service. They need it now.

You don’t need to miss that sales opportunity. A courier delivery service like Mobile One Courier & Logistics can make it possible for you to secure that sale. They can pick up the urgent package and deliver it to your customer, on-demand.

The alternatives just can’t compete with that. There’s no queuing at the post office with a courier. They come to you while you prepare the package and they get it to your customer while you get on with making another sale.

2. Reliable

Courier services take care of your package in a way that other services cannot. Parcel tracking and point-to-point security make a courier service less likely to damage or lose your package. They can honor your promise to deliver to your customer as if it was you delivering the package, personally.


3. Quality

The quality of courier delivery is in the features you can add. A courier service is more likely to be interested in developing a relationship with you. Human contact is important to a courier in a way that it’s not for mail services.

Having a person to pick up the package and deliver it to your customer exudes quality. They get that they represent you to your client whenever they deliver a package for you. That means they take care of their appearance and behavior when they meet your client.

4. Easy

Calling a courier service couldn’t be easier. One phone call or online booking is all it takes and the courier does everything else. They’ll even let you know when the delivery has been fulfilled.

5. Cost-Effective

Working out the affordability of a delivery solution is about balancing the opportunities against costs. A fast, reliable, quality and easy to use service are worth it and you might be surprised at the rates.

Courier rates may not be the expensive service you imagine. Add to that the added value, improved customer service and features like same-day delivery and it can be very cost-effective.

Give It a Go

You don’t have to change your whole operation to give a courier delivery service a go. Just try it out. See what difference it makes to you and your customers.

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