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Fresh Ideas for Your Landscape in 2022

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If you look at your landscape and see infinite potential, it can be difficult to settle on what to do with it next.

With this in mind, we thought we would explore some of the current trends in landscaping and hopefully provide our readers with some inspiration for the coming year. We guarantee that any of these projects will be a welcome addition to your property, so continue reading and start visualizing your new landscape.


Planting a garden is a great way to break up the monotony of your landscape with a splash of color. Whether you are starting fresh or redoing an existing garden, this is a landscaping project that is certain to be worth your while.

Start an Herb Garden

Gardens don’t have to only enhance the appearance of your property—they can also taste great! Using your garden space to plant herbs is a fun project that will also pay off with fresh herbs you can use for cooking. No matter what level of home cook you are, you will never regret planting an herb garden.


It is easy to see why dahlias have had a huge jump in popularity over recent years. These Instagram-worthy flowers are relatively easy to grow and look incredible when they bloom. Dahlias are certain to boost your curb appeal and be a rewarding gardening project this year.

Low Carbon Gardens

Supporting wildlife and reducing carbon emissions are becoming increasingly important to many people throughout the country. Consider planting a garden with repeat-flowing plants that will be easy to maintain or using plants such as sea lavenders which will look great year-round. You could even share your garden space with vegetables to provide yourself with fresh, organic food.


There are many reasons why hardscaping will be a worthwhile investment in your landscape. In addition to looking fantastic, high-quality hardscaping is durable and can protect your property. You can add both form and functionality to your landscape with the following projects.


Patios have long been a common choice for homeowners, but they are more popular now than ever. A stone patio provides you with a cozy outdoor space to unwind or gather with family and friends. If you are hoping to spend more time relaxing outside this summer, then you will never regret a new patio.

Outdoor Kitchens

What could be better than having your own outdoor space to grill and prepare meals? You will find outdoor kitchens in more and more landscapes these days, and they can be customized to meet your vision. An outdoor kitchen will be an enjoyable addition to your landscape that can also increase your property value, making them a fantastic investment.

Paver Installation

From walkways to patios to driveways—stone pavers are a great way to enhance the look of your landscape. There are many exciting paver designs and patterns available, so there is no shortage of possibilities when you choose to install them in your landscape. Paver installations are a straightforward DIY project, or you can guarantee flawless results by hiring a professional company.

Water Features

Few things will make your landscape feel more peaceful than a new water feature. Waterfalls and fountains are a great way to make your property feel more luxurious. With so many choices available, there is a water feature for every landscape.

Irrigation Systems

Most landscapes require more water than their natural environment provides, but you can make your lawn maintenance a hassle-free process with a new irrigation system. There are many advanced solutions available that will provide your landscape with the water it needs at reliable intervals. If you decide to get a new irrigation system for your property, you will be thanking yourself for many years.

Focus on Your Front Yard

If you are like many other property owners, then you have spent the last few years working on your backyard. If you feel like you have finally created your optimal backyard space, then why not take this year as an opportunity to boost the front of your house. There are many creative things that you can do with the front of your property, so why not treat this year as a time to focus on your curb appeal?

Bring Birds to Your Landscape

If you are someone who appreciates the beauty of wildlife, then why not invite some local birds to your property. Birdbaths, bird feeders, and houses are great ways to attract the attention of surrounding birds. In addition, evergreen trees and bushes are a fantastic way to offer shelter for birds on your landscape.

Light Up Your Property

Landscape lighting is a great way to maximize the enjoyment you get out of your landscape. Quality landscape lights will brighten up your property when the sun goes down and allow you to say outside as long as you like. This also means that you will be able to enjoy your landscape later in the season every year, so you will certainly be happy with your choice to brighten up your property.

Create a Pet-Friendly Landscape

Many people have new furry additions to their families, so creating a pet-friendly outdoor space is a good idea. If your new dog is tearing up your landscape or creating dead spots, then there are some landscaping techniques you can use to prevent this. Consider consulting with a local landscaping company about how you can ensure your property is completely safe for your animals.

Get Started on Your Landscaping Project

It is never too early or too late to start thinking about what to do with your landscape this year. If you are looking for a landscaping company that can handle all of the current industry trends, then J & S Lawn & Landscape LLC is here to help.


Reach us today at (803) 603-6495 if you are interested in getting started with any of the landscaping projects that you have just read about. We look forward to showing you what our company is capable of.

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