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SEO for Contractors and Remodelers: 7 Industry-Specific Tips

The United States construction industry is worth more than $900 billion, which means that you can win big when you figure out how to reach the people that need your services. 

With this in mind, you’ll need to really get a true handle on search engine optimization (SEO) and how it can come into play in your industry. This will get you more work and help you to build your brand while creating and capitalizing on a specific niche in the construction field. 

Use these tips below to get the best SEO for contractors possible. 

1. Create Content For People Looking to Remodel and Handle DIY Projects

The golden rule of search engine optimization is to create content — and then create some more content. 

Rather than just spamming the web, make sure that your content has value, and that you create it with value on the front end, rather than only trying to get into people’s pockets. It takes a while for your content to pay off, so make sure you’re sharing information that people can apply to their own lives. 

In the world of construction, creating content about remodels can be some of the best content possible. 

When people can turn to you to learn more about kitchen remodels, landscaping and more, your content will always be in demand. People will flock to your content so that they can apply these ideas to their own property, which will give them the chance to improve their property and make it look beautiful. 

2. Use Keywords Specific to Your Brand of Construction

You always need to be on top of your game when it comes to choosing and using keywords. 

Since the construction industry is so vast, so too is the sheer variety of keywords available that you can use to get rank. Make sure that all the keywords you use help you grow your brand and find the customers that are looking for what you offer. 

That way, you will get specific, rather than throwing a wide net that draws people in who don’t need what you are offering. Always optimize your use of keywords and you can grow your reach around the web organically. 

3. Conduct Analytics Related to the Field and Your Customer’s Needs

It’s important that you get scientific about your SEO approach as well. There are plenty of keyword search tools, link building widgets and analytics dashboards that can help you get the rank that you are looking for.

This helps you to put some seasoning behind your content strategies, which will grow your reach much larger than it’d be if you were just operating blindly. These sorts of analytics will shape the topics you create for your blog posts, the density of your keywords, your social media marketing strategies and so much more. 

4. Start a Blog and Vlog That Revolves Around Home Service

As a construction marketer, you need to be a machine when it comes to your marketing. In this regard, it doesn’t get much better than having a blog and a vlog. 

There are several benefits of blogging that you’ll want to take advantage of regularly. 

Blogging is great for your website because it prevents it from becoming too static. Instead, you will be getting lots of traffic and link juice to your website on a regular basis, which allows your business to grow in rank and keep climbing the ladder. 

What’s more, blogs are great ways to build a rapport with people, since they will grow to trust you through your content. 

Making a YouTube channel and putting out video in other formats doubles down on this by putting a face to your brand. Video is also important because not everyone has time to read a 2,000-word blog post, but everyone has time for a 2-minute video. 

By creating a mixture of blog and vlog content, you’ll cover all your bases and grow your SEO reach in the process. 

5. Study Your Competition and Build Your DA and PA

Get construction industry-specific when it comes to scoping out the competition. 

If you build homes from scratch, who are the homebuilders a few levels above where you’re trying to get? If you handle commercial property repairs, who are the professionals in this field with a better web presence?

You’ll catch up to these competitors by growing your Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). 

This requires you to stay abreast of your analytics on a regular basis, and consistently building your site and taking in more traffic. 

6. Shoot For Local Optimization

Don’t shy away from local keywords also, since local SEO is crucial to the success of any construction business. 

This is still one of the most geography-specific industries, so you’re leaving something on the table if you fail to capitalize on your local market. Optimize your keywords with cities and states in mind, and make sure to market in a way that your local customers will receive your content well. 

7. Gather Some Testimonials From Construction Clients

Testimonials are worth a thousand words. 

Garner plenty of testimonials from construction clients that have used your services. This can be in written form or in the form of a video. 

You should also get these clients to leave reviews all around the web, which is great for your search results. 

Do Your Best to Get SEO For Contractors

When you need SEO for contractors, these are the tips to get you on your way. These tips will help you market your construction business accordingly. 

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