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With the exhibition fight of the year now taking place in Miami on June 6th, 2021, many trainers are asking if cryotherapy will help give Logan Paul an advantage.  He is going to need it.  Floyd Mayweather is the ultimate boxing champion with over 50 title wins and zero losses.  Mayweather also uses cryotherapy and is a proponent of the science behind it.  Will cryotherapy be enough to keep Logan Paul on his feet when he faces the world’s greatest boxer in the ring?

Why Do Boxers Use Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the quickest method to reduce and prevent inflammation.  Boxers experience inflammation problems long before the fight.  Training for boxing is one of the most grueling experiences, and cryotherapy has slowly replaced ice baths as their choice for inflammation relief.  How does it work?  Inflammation from exercise or  injury causes blood flow to increase to the affected area.  This aggregation of fluid causes swelling and pressure on nerve endings, resulting in pain and sensitivity.  This is a serious problem for boxers who must not only train, but also absorb punches.  Too much exercise or too many punches and the boxer is out of commission until the inflammation is reduced.

Aren’t Ice Baths Good Enough?

Ice baths have been the regular method of helping to reduce inflammation for hundreds of years.  But many people simply hate ice baths because they are extreme, uncomfortable, and a hassle.  Cryotherapy reduces inflammation by causing a vasoconstriction of the blood vessels in the muscles and skin.  As the blood vessels constrict they help remove excess fluids from the injured area.  This reduces swelling and pain as the pressure on the pain receptors and nerve endings is lowered.  But the body responds to cryotherapy in a way much different than an ice bath.  Cryotherapy helps the body produce more anti-inflammatory blood components than ice baths, providing an additional layer of pre-inflammation protection that flows throughout the bloodstream.

Will Cryotherapy Help Logan Paul Win?

Logan Paul could win the fight, but it is highly unlikely.  Floyd Mayweather is pound for pound a better fighter, although in boxing anything could happen.  The most likely outcome is that Logan Paul will be knocked out; however, both fighters will be using cryotherapy before and after the fight.  Why twice?  Many professional athletes use cryotherapy before their sport to populate their bloodstream with anti-inflammatory factors in anticipation of injury.  They then perform cryotherapy a second time to help reduce any surface area inflammation.  This double-punch of cryotherapy is the same method used by NFL and NBA players. Regardless of who wins each fighter will be less sore and any inflammation they suffer will heal faster if they use cryotherapy. Interested in learning more about buying a cryotherapy machine?  Click here to see how easy it is (no email or registration required).

Are you curious about the science behind cryotherapy?  Check out our list of peer-reviewed cryotherapy clinical studies.

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