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Industry Leaders Call for More Visibility at Timber & Technology Conference 2021


Stockholm, Sweden, 21 April 2021 – The Timber & Technology Conference saw industry leaders sharing strategies for visibility, automation, and collaboration in the face of increased volatility that has forced the timber industry to innovate at an unprecedented pace.

Guillaume Hotelin, Deputy CEO, Robelbois, said, “The conference was quite interesting because it merged how the industry is performing overall but also how it can be improved thanks to supply chain tracking technologies.”

The conference was also an opportunity for companies to take stock of the last year, compare notes, and process the lasting impact of the pandemic on the timber industry. Attendees focused on democratizing information across the industry – including timber producers, sawmills, importers, and forwarders. Karolina Bergstrøm, Business Development Manager, Moelven, stated, “Insightful conference – much needed in the times of major shifts on the market. A good opportunity to catch up with industry colleagues and experts from various markets and segments”.

China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association’s Yang Junyi reported that transportation bottlenecks across the shipping and railway networks increased competition for inventory from other countries, driving up prices. She noted that US monetary policy has made timber both more expensive and more complicated to come by.

Timber industry stakeholders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets reported similar trends but with a regional resurgence thanks to improving security and economic outlook.

Blockchain-based trade document platform CargoX also shared important news about Egypt’s new regulations on electronic documents and customs declarations, which will affect all exports/imports starting 1st July 2021. Egyptian Ministry of Finance (Customs Authority) will soon require a unique customs registration number (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration (ACI) for each incoming shipment imported into Egypt that must be included on all shipping documents. The ACI system is based on making the shipment data available to Egyptian customs before shipping from the country of export.

When asked about why he designed this conference, Amir Rashad, CEO of Centersource Technologies, stated, “I wanted to create a conference that covers how the global timber market is performing but also how technology can greatly support this traditional industry. This is also why we created Timber Exchange which is a game-changer for the industry as it removes barriers and automates 40% of a supply chain manager’s job.”

About Centersource Technologies: Centersource is digitizing how global business and logistics are managed. The company offers multilingual platforms that automate processes between Exporters, Forwarders, and Importers.

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