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Getting Trusted Product Reviews on Walmart Marketplace

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We will show you how to maximize sales on the platform, from understanding the market to getting trusted product reviews and selling your products.

Are you a seller looking to beef up your product sales through any lucrative medium? Do you currently list your items on Walmart but are yet to make any substantial profit? Or are you skeptical about joining the platform because you fear it may not be worth the risk?

These are concerns many sellers have when they want to join Walmart Marketplace. But don’t worry, we will show you how to maximize sales on the platform, from understanding the market to getting trusted product reviews and selling your products.

You won’t have to worry an inch after reading this article. But first, let’s learn about how things work on Walmart Marketplace.

What Is Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace is the third-largest e-commerce store globally, following after Amazon and eBay, which are first and second, respectively. The platform boasts of over 110 million unique visitors each month and about 270 million users.

The company started as a physical retail store in 1962 and scaled geometrically in the following years. In 2009, it began Walmart Marketplace, where third-party sellers can list their products and sell to a global audience.

Walmart Marketplace, priding itself as the world’s largest omnichannel retailer, has scaled ever since, with a whopping 33% increase in sales in May 2018 and an average of 140 million Americans visiting the store both offline and online.

Why You Should Sell Your Products on Walmart Marketplace

Besides being an online store, Walmart Marketplace has unique and attractive features every seller might want to leverage.

Below are some of the advantages of listing your products on this platform.

  • Walmart marketplace is a less competitive online store than Amazon and eBay. That is, you stand a chance of showcasing and selling your products to about 270 million audiences on this platform more quickly.
  • You can list your products on the marketplace regardless of your location once your account is approved.
  • The platform also offers less resistance to brands and third-party vendors and sellers.
  • There are no extra fees or hidden charges besides the 6-15% referral fee the platform gets for every product you sell.
  • Lastly, it offers clear marketing reports and insights that help you better understand how things work in the marketplace.

How to List Your Products on Walmart Marketplace

There are five main stages to start listing and selling your products on Walmart. They are as follows:

1. Approval Stage

To request approval, log on to Walmart marketplace and click on “Request to sell” at the far-right end in the header section of the page. After that, fill in the necessary information accurately, and then click on “Apply now.”

Approval takes about 14-30 days (or 2-5 weeks). The process is quite intricate, and some applications get rejected. Sellers with more than 1% order defect rates may also be denied. However, you stand a bigger chance of approval if your business is profitable.

2. Contract Stage

If your account is approved, Walmart will send you an email with a link to start the registration and become a partner. Click the link to start the contract with the company. You’ll be directed to provide some necessary details.

3. Registration Stage

During registration, you will need to provide more details about your business, products, and so on. Upon completing your registration, you are free to onboard the items you wish to sell on the marketplace.

4. Onboarding Stage

At this stage, you are required to list the products you wish to sell. Add more details, such as images and other relevant information that can help your potential buyers quickly understand your product. Walmart Marketplace is easily navigable and convenient for sellers. You can quickly integrate your catalog, manage orders, arrange shipment, and provide customer care details on this platform.

5. Launch Stage

If you have successfully scaled through the earlier stages, congrats! Your products are ready to be live. Click the launch button, and then shoppers will see your product on the marketplace page.

How to Maximize Sales on Walmart Marketplace: Reviews are the Sure-Fire Way

Being an online marketplace, the most effective way to maximize your sales is through product reviews. Like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and other standard e-commerce platforms, reviews affect customer behavior and influence the sales of your products.

Statistics show that reviews are more effective than word-of-mouth testimonials in influencing buying decisions. With that said, unless you have trusted reviews for your products, buyers won’t feel at ease to purchase them.

Moreover, there is a growing reliance that consumers have on online product reviews. According to stats on, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as in-person recommendations.

Also, products with positive, clear, and detailed reviews tend to increase revenue by an average of 30% compared to its peers with the same number of reviews. Similar to Amazon, Walmart uses reviews to determine the rank of products on the platform and customer reviews play a crucial role in its ranking.

Notwithstanding, for many sellers on Walmart Marketplace and other reputable e-commerce platforms, the following are causes for worry:

  • How to get authentic, reliable reviews without cutting corners.
  • How to overrun competitors who drive the sales of their products using fake reviews.
  • How to find a trusted platform that offers reliable reviews, which can help boost product sales and more.

In the following paragraphs, we will show you how to get reviews you and your buyers can trust so that you can start to make more sales of your product.

But first, let’s show you Walmart marketplace’s review policy. After that, we’ll emphasize what reviews can do for your business, and then we’ll proffer a reliable solution for credible reviews. These pieces of information will help you play it safe and make maximum sales on the platform.

Walmart Marketplace Product Review Policy

The following details will guide reviewers when writing a product review on Walmart Marketplace.

  • Focus should be on the product and their experience using it.
  • They have to provide specific details about what they did and didn’t like about the product.

The company may not post product reviews that exhibit the following:

  • Obscenities, defamatory language, or other languages not suitable for a public forum.
  • Prices, advertisements, spam content or references to other products, offers, websites or competitors.
  • Contact addresses and links to websites.
  • Critical or hate comments about other product reviews (or their authors) posted on the product details page.
  • Lack of experience using the product, and an indirect relationship with the seller.
  • Not meeting all guidelines and not being written in English.

How to Get Trusted Reviews on Walmart?

According to CBS News, Walmart acknowledged that reviews are vital in creating a palatable experience for shoppers on the marketplace. Additionally, the platform said that it removes any review not from an actual buyer on the platform. Walmart has a program for generating product reviews, which is called the Walmart Spark Reviewer program. Similar to the Amazon Vines program, it also chooses its reviewers by invitation only, using the quality and quantity of their past reviews as the basis for the invitation.

Walmart Spark reviewers receive a list of about 100 products (in different categories) every month, from which they choose up to three preferred products they want to review. After the review process is completed, reviewers can retain the products for free.

While it is smart to use the Walmart Spark Reviewer program to generate reviews, the program has some limitations that are troublesome for most brand owners and sellers on Walmart Marketplace. For example this program does not guarantee reviews for all purchases while giving up the entire product and costs associated with that. Besides, the charge associated with Walmart Spark Reviewer program is $30/review + giving away your product for free. This is while there is no guarantee that you will receive reviews for all of the purchases!!!

To address these problems, Revioly (a tech company in Silicon Valley) came up with a solution that not only is smarter and more user friendly, but also is much more cost effective. Revioly uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to connect your prospects to your product page and get them to purchase and review your products.

Unlike Walmart Spark Reviewer program, Revioly guarantees one review for each and every single product you want to review. For example, if you give out 20 products to be reviewed by Reviolers (Reviolers are members who review products on Revioly platform), you can rest assured that you’ll get 20 unique, descriptive, and high-quality reviews. In addition, Revioly allows you to save up to 50% on your product cost. Our studies show that business owners have increased their sales up to 360% using Revioly review services.

With Revioly, you can generate up to 25 reviews for the same product for a $99 flat fee plus a proportion of your product’s cost.

Using Revioly to Generate Reliable Reviews

Revioly understands that your products matter, yet competitors sell more of their counterfeit products through fake reviews. That’s why the company is joining forces with authentic brands, including yours, to combat fake reviews by populating genuine, reliable reviews in the e-commerce space.

According to the CEO, Reza Lavasani, “With our help, high-quality products will thrive faster, while medium and low-quality products will have the chance to improve, before spending lots of money on mass production.”

Here is the benefits of using Revioly:

  • Drive revenue by increasing the number of reviews on your product page. Also, jumpstart product launches with reviews from the first day.
  • Inspire other shoppers with high-quality and descriptive reviews written by Reviolers (reviewers).
  • Save on ads and marketing costs (especially at the time of product launch)
  • Boost brand awareness.
  • Gain insight about your target audience, which will help you improve your product performance more effectively. As a result, you’ll increase sales and put an end to abysmal return rates.

How to Use Revioly Review Service to Boost Sales

Here’s how to start a review campaign on Revioly:

  1. Visit Revioly’s brands’ portal landing page.
  2. Select the number of reviews you want to generate and the cost of your product using the sliding bars. The built-in calculator will automatically and instantly calculate how much you’ll pay for your campaign. (See the table in this page for detailed pricing guidelines for consumer products).
  3. Click “Start your campaign!” You’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll provide more details about your products, such as the product link, product category, and the platform to generate reviews on.
  4. Click “Next” to make payments or click “Add product” if you want to add more products to your existing campaign.
  5. After that, launch your campaign and wait for your authentic reviews posted on the e-commerce site you desire. (Note: Reviolers can also post reviews directly on your personal e-commerce store).


Leveraging a reliable review service, such as Revioly, is a way to guarantee your success on a lucrative platform like the Walmart marketplace. Hopefully, this guide answers all your questions about maximizing sales on Walmart through reviews. Please feel free to reach us if you have any questions.

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