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Finally, The Playbook for Intake


Garden City, NY, October 6, 2022— One of the most underappreciated groups within a personal injury law firm, yet of utmost importance, is their intake and response team. For years, law firms have been able to achieve success despite the use of improvised processes and inadequate resources at the front-end of their businesses. But it’s not completely their fault. Most owners of these firms were trained in litigation, not in sales. However, given the competitive landscape that is blanketing the personal injury space, it has become especially evident that yesterday’s unplanned habits will become tomorrow’s reason for failure. “After executing an effective marketing campaign, the first step to creating a successful personal injury law firm is ensuring that leads are managed and prioritized in a manner that puts the law firm in a favorable light,” says Gary Falkowitz. “And right now, that’s not happening on a consistent or predictable basis.”

There are those who talk about Intake. And then there are those, like Gary, who have dedicated their legal careers to improving Intake. Gary’s resume speaks for itself. Founder to one of the most successful outsourced intake departments in the country, Owner at The Falkowitz Law Firm PLLC, and national intake consultant to hundreds of law firms nationwide, Gary is excited to share his next big intake offering: The Intake Playbook.

With The Intake Playbook, Gary coaches personal injury intake and reception staff about the appropriate methods necessary to maximize productivity and create client advocates. “I get to combine two of my favorite things: Teamwork and Intake.” But why now? According to Gary, “now more than ever, claimants know that they have options. Every other commercial on television is an attorney promising that they can help. The cost of acquiring clients has never been higher. And law firms are no longer few-and-far-between. If you’re not giving your personal injury intake team the playbook, especially during these volatile times, you’re not setting yourself up for long-term success.”

It is no secret that, as law firms scale, they invest more money in marketing, attend more mastermind and networking conferences and seek to represent more clients. However, the focus seems to remain on marketing decisions and litigation strategies. Gary thinks that law firms are neglecting those people whose responsibility it is to respond, follow-up, qualify and retain. Having consulted with law firms of all different sizes, Gary knows the daily obstacles that the intake staff are faced with. “Personal injury intake should not be a guessing game. What our staff conveys, how they convey it, how often they follow-up, how they use their CRMs – all of it matters. There are too many aspects to Intake to just hope that your team is performing well.” According to Gary, with the right approach and procedures, law firms could be signing 95% of the leads that meet their criteria. Unfortunately, the national average is hovering around 75%. That is to say, for every 100 claimants that reach out to a law firm and meet their internal criteria for retention, law firms are only signing, on average, 75 new clients. Given the contingency nature of the industry, as well as the potential for high value cases, this number makes consistent success a challenge.

The Intake Playbook is a bi-monthly virtual coaching series where Gary educates, teaches and inspires those working at the front of a personal injury law firm. In every industry there is tremendous attention to detail on the sales teams. “Our intake team is our sales team. If we’re not giving them the tools necessary to maximize sales then why are we investing to give them claimants to communicate with?” If you want to learn more about the intake playbook and how to improve your intake, head over to At the very least, Gary’s passion will get you thinking twice about the importance of intake.

About Gary P. Falkowitz, Esq.:

Gary has a unique understanding and extensive experience in the inner workings of a personal injury law firm. After years of first-hand experience consulting hundreds of law firms nationwide, Gary has come to the conclusion that a lack of attention to details at the Intake level is resulting in significant loss, financially and reputationally. Some roles that Gary has assumed over the last decade in our industry include:

Professor at The Intake Playbook

Author of The Complete Guide To Law Firm Intake

Founder of Intake Conversion Experts

Owner at Maximum Intake Consulting

Owner of The Falkowitz Law Firm, PLLC

It’s safe to assume that if you have an intake issue, Gary likely has an intake solution.

Personally, Gary is a husband to a loving and caring (attorney) wife (yes, she wins most of the arguments) and father to three wonderful children (Ethan, Landon and Reese). He and his family are actively involved in their community, where Gary serves as Village Prosecutor. Gary hopes to instill in his children that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

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