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8 Newborn Clothing Tips You Never Considered Before

Congratulations! You’re glad that you’re going to have your little bundle of joy. As time goes by, you need to prepare for your baby’s arrival. That means you need to buy all the necessities such as a stroller, crib, car seat, and so on.

But your priority should be newborn clothing. You want to buy baby clothes that are comfortable and safe for your little one. But how do you know the best clothing for a newborn? Don’t fret.

Here are the top eight newborn clothing tips you never considered before. We hope our ideas will help you make an informed decision to help you create the best wardrobe for your baby.

1. Style and Functionality

Before buying baby clothes, it’s crucial to think about functionality. Keep in mind that newborns spend most of the time sleeping. It means that you need to choose comfortable baby gear.

Comfortable outfits include sleep sacks, onesies, baby footies, gowns, or a kimono bodysuit. Choose Hanna Andersson baby clothes. They are easy to put on your baby and take off.

Practicality is also of great importance. Resist the temptation of buying outfits that you know cannot benefit your newborn. You don’t want to spend too much on clothing your baby will not wear, such as fancy party wear.

Also, identify clothes that are easy to clean and will not tear after many washes. Babies wear different outfits in a day. So, avoid clothes that have special laundering conditions to save time and effort.

2. Size of Newborn Clothing

It can be disappointing to buy baby clothes and find out later that they are too small. Buy clothes that will fit your newborn well. The right baby sizes are those that your baby will be comfortable in and move with ease.

It’s best to buy larger sizes of about 0-3 months. Most newborns don’t fit in regular newborn-sized clothes. And if they do, they will outgrow that size in a few weeks.

There are standard measurements to guide you when buying baby clothes. Again avoid fanciness and consider functionality and practicality. Bigger-sized clothes will compensate for growth spurts.

3. Seasons

The weather will determine the kind of clothes you will buy for your newborn. If you know your baby will be born around June, it means you’ll be nearing colder months. It’s best to stick to long-sleeve attire and cozy sweaters.

Also, think about your geographical location before buying baby clothes. For example, what infants wear in New York is different from South California.

Check out product descriptions carefully. You will know which fabric is heavyweight or light. Choose the most appropriate baby fashion for your newborn, depending on the season.

4. Fabric

Every parent wants to dress their baby girl or boy in trendy and funky clothes. They do so to complement their cuteness. At times those expensive clothes can cause skin irritations and rashes. Most of the time, the culprit is the fabric of the clothing.

Newborns have sensitive skin. For this reason, most parents prefer clothing made from cotton.

There are other alternatives, such as silky smooth and soy-based fabrics. They are also gentle on the skin.

Consider fabrics derived from natural resources or nature. Also, choose tagless clothes because tags cause skin irritation.

5. Safety

Safety is sometimes overlooked incredibly by first-time parents or busy couples. Each year there are many baby clothes recalled for not meeting the safety standards.

Hence, you need to dress your baby in clothes that you’re sure are safe. Avoid those that have decorations such as hooks, flowers, bows, and buttons. And if you must, consider those that have the decorations firmly attached.

Also, avoid clothes with waistbands and drawstrings as they pose a strangulation hazard. Choose baby sleepwear that is snug-fitting and made from flame-resistant fabric.

6. Cost

When buying newborn clothes, you should not compromise quality for the price. Newborns have sensitive skin and grow fast.

Buying clothes that are well-designed and of the best quality will give you comfort and peace of mind. You also take photographs that will create lasting memories. There are plenty of affordable newborn clothes both offline and online.

If you have a tight budget, consider second-hand clothing. You can take up offers from your close friends or check social media for garage sales.

7. Buy a Few Gender Neutral Pieces

If you don’t want to know the sex of your baby, it’s best to opt for gender-neutral clothing. Colors like yellows, greys, and whites are non-gender-specific.

Also, if you want more kids buying gender-neutral pieces means that you can reuse them. It’s a resourceful purchase because you may have a baby of the opposite gender in the future.

But for parents who know they’re having a girl or boy, lean towards more pinks or blues. Choose the best pieces for your child.

8. Seller’s Reputation

Nowadays, most people make their purchases online. If you’re planning to buy your newborn clothes online, you need to consider a few things. You want to buy from a seller who has a good reputation. They need to be genuine for you to get the right product.

But how do you know if they are legit? You can find out by reading reviews. You will learn more about their store from past customers. If most of their clients are happy, then it means that they are reliable.

You will also know that they sell the best quality clothes. Never place an order if you find that they have a lot of negative reviews.

Consider online stores that have been selling newborn clothing for a long time. You will get the best services from a seller with a good track record.

Choosing the Best Baby Gear Today

As a parent, it’s not easy to find the perfect clothes for your baby. Follow the above tips and reminders to buy the best newborn clothing. Choose clothes that are durable and comfortable.

As such, you need to identify a seller who sells a variety of baby items. The clothes should come at an affordable price without compromising on quality. Give priority to comfort over style when shopping for baby clothes.

For more information and tips on how to dress your baby, keep checking our website.


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