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What You Can Learn From Marketing Adult Ads

The adult entertainment is worth around $15 billion The exact number is unknown due to the fact that much of the industry remains under the covers.

It didn’t get that way by sitting around allowing customers to find it. It worked its assets off. It stayed ahead of the industry, technology, market trends and consumer preferences. It was willing to go where others wouldn’t go.

What can you learn from adult ads? Let’s take a closer look.

1. Interact in Real Time

Many businesses treat social media ads and posts as a 1-way form of communication. But that’s like taking the “social” out of social media.

Social media is a 2-way and sometimes a 3-way, 4-way or whichever way communication.

In order to participate, you need to be present. Interact with customers in real time.

In the adult industry, this often includes:

  1. Live video feeds that allow real time messaging
  2. Scheduling 1-1 phone calls with fans
  3. Making ads interactive
  4. Appearing at strip clubs
  5. Sending adult ads based upon behavior not just demographics (remarketing)
  6. Offering live behind the scenes footage with fans commenting and interacting
  7. User-generated content.

2. Get an Intimate Understanding of Your Demographic

We know that we’re supposed to know our target audience and create content around them.

But adult ads show that they know their audience intimately. They think outside the box and really work to connect with people in a meaningful way — no holds barred and everything out on display.

As businesses, we’re often scared to scratch the surface. We don’t want to alienate some to connect with others.

But if you don’t really understand who your target is and what motivates them, your ad campaigns and content are little more than a shot in the dark — without the night vision goggles.

3. Don’t Be a One Trick Pony

Ah, the adult industry! They’re always diversifying and exploring new ways to make money.

Are your marketing strategies hyper focused on one product or element of your business? Maybe it’s time to branch out. Take a page from the book of adult ads.

An actress may start may start out doing a certain type of video. She continues to expand her repertoire. As she continues to get a name for herself, she begins expanding her brand into products, escorts, appearances, private Skype sessions, exclusive parties, etc.

She leverages her brand awareness to continue the expansion, strengthening her brand through consistency and knowing what her fans want.

4. Embrace Innovation

The adult industry remains on the cutting edge of technology.

When electronic payments first emerged, they were on it. When big data took over marketing, they were ready to go.

If we take a long trip back to the dawn of Internet marketing, they were among the first to use pop up ads.

Geo-location software? There’re so there.

And the list goes on. Through it, they’ve flourished online and beyond.

Don’t let your marketing campaign get stuck in a rut. Stay current on what’s new and adapt.

Adult Ads Now and into the Future

What will they think of next? How will they continue to keep people coming back for more?We shall see. And you may want to steal a page from their playbook for your own marketing efforts.

What would you add to our list? Comment below.

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