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Features of Lift Chairs -Improving Quality of Life

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Lift chairs can be a life-changer for some with mobility issues. If you are considering a lift chair, there are several different features and options that come with a lift chair, and it can get a bit confusing. It is also easy to confuse a lift chair with a recliner. They do look similar but vastly differ in features. So, we want to go over the features of lift chairs and how they can improve the quality of your life.

Lift Chair Vs. a Recliner

First, we want to separate what a lift chair is from what a recliner is. Again, they do look similar, but a lift chair can raise you to a standing position as well as lie back. You can only lie back in a recliner chair.

Lift Chair Features


This brings us to the position. All lift chairs can raise you to a standing position. This is helpful in easing your joints when you try to stand. Plus, it helps lessen the chances of falling while trying to get up.

Here at Bayshore Medical Supply in Pasadena, TX, we are the flagship dealership for Golden Technologies lift chairs. Golden Technologies lift chairs has created a “zone technology” for maximum comfort depending on what you need. These are set up in 5 different zones designed to help with different areas of the body and help with different needs including lower body, upper body, headrest and lumbar. Their zone 5, the “Twilight Tilt” also known as zero gravity chairs, provides a feeling of weightlessness that encourages circulation throughout the body.

Adjustable Support

Lift Chairs have different supports to help with your needs. This includes adjustable lumbar support, headrest and footrest. The Extended length of the chair can be a full 3-5″ inches when fully reclined.


Lift Chairs come in a range of different fabrics and colors to match your needs. The Golden Technologies lift chairs come in high-performance stain-and tear-resistant fabrics. To give the look of leather with added benefits, Golden Technologies uses Brisa® fabric which comes in a wide selection of colors to choose from and is designed to never stick to you or feel too hot or cold.


Most lift chairs have a hand control on the right of the chair, near the armrests. The buttons on the control will depend on which model you have. Some models, such as some Golden Technologies lift chairs, have a memory button, so when you find a position that fits you perfectly, you can program it into your remote.


Some additional options on lift chairs come with therapeutic heat and massage. These will also be controlled by your remote to control adjustable settings like massage zone, massage time and adjustable heat. Golden Technologies also offers an additional head pillow made of the same fabric as your chair. It features a zippered back allowing for adjustable fill and is rear counterbalanced with a weighted sandbag to keep it sitting on the back of your chair.


Lift Chairs come in multiple sizes. If you need a larger than average chair, Golden Technologies has a wide and tall power chair. If you need something smaller to fit you or your living conditions, there is a petite model as well.

Lift Chair Maintenance.

Every few months it is a good idea to inspect your lift chair. Inspect all wiring harnesses for damage, frays, or signs of corrosion. Regularly inspect the fabric for rips, tears, or pulls. If you find any issues, call your dealer in regard to service. If you are in the Pasadena or Southeast Houston area, Bayshore Medical Supply services the lift chairs to its customers.

Average Cost

Prices for lift chairs will vary widely based on the type you choose, the features it includes, and the fabric you select for the chair. The lowest end lift chairs usually start $650 to $750 and go up from there. If this is too much for a single payment commitment, there are other options. One option available at Bayshore Medical Supply is renting a lift chair. Renting a lift chair also give you the ability to try out a lift chair without having to commit to it outright.


The features of a lift chair can improve the quality of your life if you have mobility issues. Besides lifting you to a standing position, the additional reclining positions, support, heat, and massage can make life a little more comfortable for you.


Bayshore Medical Supply in Pasadena, TX, carries Golden Technology Lift Chairs, America’s leading brand in lift chairs and is the leading Golden Technology Lift Chairs dealer in Houston. At Bayshore, when you buy a lift chair from us, we can come to deliver it and set it up in your house for you.

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