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6 Fun Ways to Refresh Your Silver Spring Jewelry Looks

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It’s always nice to get yourself a little treat after getting through a hard week or a rough patch. But did you know that 51% of millennial women choose jewelry when getting a gift for themselves?

Well, it’s true!

If you’re thinking about getting some new silver spring jewelry or are considering new ways to wear pieces that you already have, you’re in luck. There are lots of ways that you can incorporate your favorite silver pieces into your wardrobe. Here, we’re going to talk about some unique ways that you can spice up your looks with sterling silver, so read on if you want to look amazing!

1. Stay Subtle…

Sometimes, you’re going to want to wear jewelry that blends in with the rest of your wardrobe. This is especially the case in work-related scenarios or at weddings or dinner parties. You don’t want to stand out too much in these situations, but instead want to put on a classy or professional persona. That’s what subtle jewelry does.

If you’re in any of these scenarios or are simply shy, a thin, simple chain necklace or bracelet will do you well here. You can also add a gemstone or charm if you like. Wear this with subtle rings that have thin bands- they’ll add a gleam of silver to your outfit without overwhelming it.

Small studded or hoop earrings also create this effect, so consider adding them to your outfit, too. If you like, you can match silver-backed gemstone studs with the charm that hangs around your neck!

2. … Or Live Loud

If you’re an eclectic, fun-loving individual who wants to express herself in social situations, loud, bold jewelry might be right for you. These larger pieces are more central to any outfit and are best worn for a night out with friends, a first date, or a fun shopping spree.

Consider large silver necklaces with multiple chains and large accents. Huge spherical charms made from sterling silver are extremely en vogue right now. You also might be interested in a large statement necklace that showcases multiple shapes made from metal entwined with one another.

Jangling silver bangles are the perfect way to draw attention to your arms, especially if you’re wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress.  Consider getting large hoop earrings or dangling ones that match the color, size, and statement etchings that your bracelets boast!

3. Consider Your Outfit

Color coordination with outfits is also critical when choosing sterling silver jewelry. Silver can be worn with any color, but darker hues are generally better than lighter ones. This is because the light, airy color of the silver stands out against burgundy, midnight blue, or royal purple. The colors in your outfit also will look deeper and more pronounced.

The only exception to this is wearing light blue outfits with sterling silver. Combinations of blue and silver look like calming clouds against a clear sky or luminescent moonlight against ocean waves. In short, it’s just a really relaxing combination!

4. Charms and Chokers

If you’re like most women, then you had a charm necklace or twenty when you were a little girl. These styles are making a comeback in 2020 with an adult twist!

Charm necklaces and bracelets can be purchased in high-quality sterling silver, and you can choose from many high-quality charms to string along them. The first letter of your name is a classic statement (think of Regina George’s iconic ‘R’ necklace in Mean Girls), but there are other charms you can choose from, too.

If you want to travel to France, for example, there are charms shaped like the Eiffel Tower that you can wear around your neck. If you’re a huge turtle lover, why not wear a charm shaped like one around your wrist? You can also use beads and healing stones on a silver chain if that’s more your thing.

The possibilities are limitless!

5. Rings and Things

Wearing a ring or two is one of the best ways that you can add a pop of silver to your wardrobe. While they’re small and subtle, rings are something that people notice quickly. You use your hands a lot, which means that basically everyone will have the opportunity to see the accessory that you choose!

Another reason that silver rings for women are great is that they come in a huge variety of styles. You can use a thin band if you want something that blends into your outfit a bit more, but those who like brash, loud accessories can find thick-banded silver rings that incorporate multiple stones.

Rings also come in a ton of different shapes that allow you to express yourself. You can get silver styles shaped like flowers or hearts as well as those engraved with your name. Some even come with words of strength and hope etched into the band so that you can always remember to make the most of each day!

6. Add a Personal Flair

The bottom line is that no matter what jewelry you choose to wear, it’s important to make it representative of your tastes, likes, and values. Choose a color that’s meaningful to you if you’re getting a gemstone or a necklace with a charm that has a story behind it. Picking jewelry that shows the things that are important to you is a great way to start conversations and meet like-minded people.

Beyond Silver Spring Jewelry

There are a lot of ways that you can make yourself look fantastic in both casual and professional settings. However, sterling silver rings, necklaces, and earrings are some of the classiest and most beautiful accessories on the market.

Now that you know some of the ways to wear silver spring jewelry this season, it’s time to get more information on how to fashion stylish outfits. Check out the search function on our home page to look up any keywords related to clothing and fashion. It’s here that you’ll find ideas on how to wear shirts, dresses, and gorgeous accessories that bring out the shine of your silver jewelry.

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