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Expected growth in job opportunities in the medical and education fields

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The Employment Development Department published its annual Labor Day Report on trends in the job market. It pointed out that leisure and hospitality would see the greatest gains over the next two-years.

Projections project an increase in the number of jobs in this sector to 417,000, with 315,000. These will be in bars and restaurants.

Other areas that are expected to see significant growth include accounting, Nursing and retail sales. Warehouse labor is another area.

The Dollars team and Sense team surveyed a few local job placement agencies to see what they were expecting.

There are many jobs available if you want to work in the Central Valley. Chris Peterson, of Availability Staffing stated that there are literally hundreds of roles available in both blue-collar or white-collar fields and many entry-level positions.

Peterson confirmed that there are 100 warehouses open right now, and that the space is wide open in the restaurant/hotel space. However, he also said that there are a number of better-paying jobs.

“Everything, from the front office to the C-Suite. Peterson stated that there are literally hundreds of opportunities available.

Michelle Clanton from Chartwell Staffing Solutions, Sacramento, says the same thing but with one exception. She said, “We have seen an amazing increase in residential property management, mainly apartment communities.”

Clanton answered the question, “From past experience with the pandemic, many people return home to work. A lot of smaller and larger apartment communities have more residents at home.” This has led to more maintenance requests.

Clanton said that working remotely is not necessary for everyone. Clanton said that there are people who love working in an office setting.

Although some employers may not be open to remote work, hybrid approaches can sometimes be successful.

Clanton stated, “We can help [job-seekers] by allowing them to work remotely two days per week, but come to the office three days per week and everyone wins.” There’s a flexible mindset about what’s going to get everyone back to work.

Peterson has taken remote recruiting to the extreme in his case. He laughed from his Modesto office, “We actually hired a Florida executive recruiter.” “We’ve had people do remote work, but they live in Escalon.”

Peterson believes that the EDD has a good healthcare prediction based on the feedback he receives from clients and other business people. He said that the EDD covers “not just the high-end nursing roles, but also the front office and back office health care.”

Peterson cites retirement as a reason for some of the increased demand. Peterson also points out that retirement is a major driver of the high number of education vacancies.

“Prior COVID there were 10,000 baby boomers reaching 65 every day, but not all of them were retiring. COVID has seen a rise in retirees, which is causing a boom in the education market.

He says even the staffing agency industry is growing. “We are actually on the rise. Peterson stated that three new staff members have been added to the team in the last nine months.

Clanton also reports similar growth. It’s continuous. Just Tuesday, we tripled the number of associates who are new to the office and those who return every Tuesday.”

Peterson offers some advice for those looking for work.

Be positive, get up each morning, and work hard at finding a job. Go out and do your best to get a job. It’s possible, it’s possible.

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