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5 Deer Hunting Tips That Will Make You a Top Predator

Are you looking for ways to become a better bow hunter?

Improving your deer hunting skills doesn’t happen with wishful thinking. If you want to become a top predator, you need to put in the work. This doesn’t necessarily mean working harder or spending more time in the woods.

Sometimes, all you need to do is work smarter.

So, whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a complete newbie, keep reading. We’ve got the top 5 deer hunting tips that will turn any skill level into a top predator.

Tip #1: Cover Your Scent

Deer have a keen sense of smell.

They can detect your scent from about a mile away. Not to mention, deer can also detect you by the smell you leave behind in the air and on the ground.

In order to cover up your scent, you’ll want to invest in a scent eliminator. You should spray the scent eliminator in the air, on the bottom of your boots, and on your hunting gear.

Also, it’s a good idea to only use scent-free shower products right before your hunting trip to ensure you don’t leave a scent in the air.

Tip #2: Keep Quiet

Covering your scent is only half the battle, you also need to keep quiet.

A deer can detect your movements from a quarter-mile away on days without wind. If a deer hears a suspicious noise, it will usually take them two hours to return to the spot.

Therefore, make sure you’re stepping with great care. You may also want to consider investing in sound eliminating boot covers to reduce the noise.

Tip #3: Be Attractive

We’re talking about using deer attractants. Deer attractants are exactly what they sound like- they’re products that will entice the deer to come towards you.

Some common deer attractants are deer feeders and deer urine.

Many people even choose to make their own deer attractants at home using common items such as apple cider, peanut butter, molasses, or salt.

Tip #4: Use a Compound Bow

We realize many of you may meet this tip with skepticism.

But, compound bow parts can be a great asset and many deer hunters even swear by it.

Finding success with a bow isn’t easy, however. Make sure to follow these tips:

  • Make sure you hand select a bow that fits your size and strength
  • Most missed shots happen because of poor calculation, so know your distance!
  • Practice beforehand- don’t wait until hunting day to use your bow for the first time

Tip #5: Know When to Hunt

Anytime is not the best time to go deer hunting. 

Typically, the best times to go are early in the morning or near dusk.

If you hunt in the morning, you’ll want to set up near the deer’s bedding area. And if you hunt at dusk, you’ll want to set up near their feeding area.

Deer Hunting Tips: Wrap Up

Follow these deer hunting tips and you’ll be a top predator in no time.

If you have any questions about the tips we listed, please drop a comment below. And, once you implement these tips, please fill us in on your success. Happy hunting!

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