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Traffic Citation Search

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Traffic Citation Search Online

To perform a traffic citation search online all you need is a first and last name the state the citation was issued in. A traffic citation search can show traffic violations, points, arrests, DUIs, driver history, police records and more. Once you perform the traffic citation search it’s important to verify you’ve found the right traffic citation records for the correct person. Many people have the same name so it’s recommended to use age or an address to verify that you’ve that person. It’s best practice to use multiple fields of information to verify you’re looking at the correct traffic citations.

DMV Traffic Citation Search

If you need a physical copy of a traffic citation then you’ll want to visit your DMV or motor vehicle department. There you can get a copy of your driving record abstract which includes all traffic and driving records.

Nationwide DMV Finder
DMV Driving Record Request Forms

What is A Traffic Citation

A traffic citation is often known as a traffic ticket. Traffic citations are legal notices given out by a jurisdiction’s presiding law enforcement. For the United States, this can include city police, whether by patrolmen or law enforcement assigned specifically to check for stopped violations like illegally parking in a handicapped spot or a car parked too long at a paid meter, which has run out of time. Patrolmen often stop people for moving violations like speeding, running stop signs, failure to yield or even a variety of citations for car accidents. Highway patrolmen usually check for people speeding to issue them tickets, and the state and county police have the authority to issue traffic tickets for violations too.

The Result of Guilt for a Traffic Citation

It is always important to remember traffic citations are like any penal code violations. A motorist is simply being formally accused, and the motorist is innocent until proven guilty. Usually, a motorist will not dispute the citation. There is usually no point in it. In some instances and jurisdictions, a fine is given by the law enforcement agency issuing the citation, and the fine can be paid without even going to court, unless the motorist disputes the citation. The other jurisdictions,which issue the citations, are simply issuing them as a summons to go to a special court just for traffic. Next, the traffic court judge will determine guilt. Most people can safely bet on being found guilty, and they can also expect on having a fine issued as well. Failure to the pay the fine usually results a civil suit to get the money or in a warrant of arrest for contempt of court, which will also cost more money and possibly a short stay in jail. It’s important to verify your traffic records if you’ve received a citation. Perform a traffic citation search on yourself to verify it’s accurate.

Traffic Citation Codes

The point of having so many laws resulting in fines is to get revenue for the jurisdiction. Local governments will swear up and down it is to maintain law and order, and there is some truth to it. There is approximately $6 billion dollars a year generated by traffic citations, and the majority of citations come from speeding tickets. Of all the citations written, there are around 40 million speeding tickets issued annually.

Traffic Citation Driving Records

It’s easy to find out the government’s data on a person’s driving record. This website is happy to give it away at Follow the instructions. There’s a fee of course.

Traffic Citation Search – Questions

How Do I Find Out How Much I Owe in Traffic Tickets?

Fining out how much you owe in traffic tickets is relatively easy. Contact the county traffic courthouse in the county where your traffic tickets were issued to you and inquire with the clerk of the court. They will be able to let you know how much you owe in traffic tickets and any additional fines or fees.

What are the most common types of traffic citations?

The most common types of traffic citations are typically for speeding and running a red light. This of course depends on what state the traffic citations were issued and if it was a highway traffic citation or a city street traffic citation

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