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Essential Tips For Creating A Great Phone Sales Pitch

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Despite the advancements in the digital marketing world, the phone still remains as the most reliable tool when it comes to reaching out to clients. Businesses still use this device to close a deal, do a follow-up with a client, or to attend to a customer inquiry.

Almost everyone in the world today has access to a phone. It is, therefore, an integral part of the sales process, especially in contacting your existing clients or cold calling new ones. Furthermore, you can drive inbound calls by learning how to leave a voicemail without calling, a technique that is highly effective in fielding hot leads.

Nevertheless, most salespeople still cannot make a proper sales pitch using the phone. With that being said, below are essential tips for creating a great phone sales pitch that would definitely benefit your career in the long run.

1. Harness your sales skills

The competition is tough out there. Hence, it is important that you continuously polish your skills as a salesperson. You can achieve this by attending negotiation training to boost your overall self-persuasion skills and aid you in making the most out of every transaction. Furthermore, you need to develop your relation building skills by effectively establishing a level of connection with clients that could last beyond transactions. Genuine relationships built on the foundation of providing value to clients, can lead to other exciting opportunities like getting referrals, which is very important in  sales.

2. Maintain natural tone

Most telemarketers tend to sound unnatural when doing their sales pitch, which is not an ideal thing to do as far as business is concerned. As a salesperson, you need to realize that when you are speaking in a natural tone, you’re making your clients feel that you’re sincere in addressing their concerns, which results in a more effective communication. Veteran shoppers know when you are merely making up a story or reading from a script, which instantly turns them off.

3. Use gestures during a call

Gesturing while making that important phone call powers up your thinking as you tend to form much clearer thoughts. Additionally, it will help you underscore the important points clearly to your prospect, which is essential in creating a great phone sales pitch.

4. Maintain the right position

Employing the right body posture means you will sound more confident in your call. So, what body position is appropriate when making a phone call?  Standing upright, you will notice that your voice tends to sound more precise. Being in an inclined position or putting your head down, on the one hand,  means that the vocal cords cannot open up, affecting the clarity of your voice.

5. Do not assume

 Sometimes, salespeople tend to complete consumer sentences that it already distorts their intended meaning. Such a level of assumption may damage your rapport with clients. Each customer is unique in their own way, and they have different experiences with specific products. It is advisable not to interrupt the client’s speech, which might degrade your image as well as of the company you represent.

6. Be prepared

 Companies lose a lot from poor customer service, but, since it is rarely kept in the books, it often goes unnoticed.

Some of the effects of negative customer service include:

  • Customers never using the company services again
  • Sharing the negative experiences on social media
  • Advising friends to boycott the company

To be adequately prepared, create a list of answers to possible queries since several clients tend to talk about complicated issues over the phone. It is also crucial to practice on a pre-written script before an actual call, paying close attention to your pace, clarity, and volume.

7. Use the call to strengthen customer relations

 Any employer should ensure that their employees have phones for communicating with customers and potential leads. In circumstances where a worker has no expertise to respond to a query, they can quickly move from their desk to get the right person to respond. Alternatively, they can transfer the call to someone with the right expertise.

Notably, the advancements in technology have resulted in better systems that can automate both inbound and outbound calls, as well as  SMS. One of the new predictive dialing technology for outbound sales, is the auto dialer app, which boosts business productivity of your sales team by automating cold calls.

8. Set a daily goal 

Be proactive by having a quota of clients to call every day. It can be five to ten contacts daily. By giving priority to your daily call target, you will not only become better at making phone sales pitches; you will also improve your sales. Setting up concrete goals, like having call targets, increases your motivation, especially when you are able to achieve them. It also enables you to embrace the value of small wins, and, from this, you develop skills that could help you create better phone sales pitches.

9. Make the conversation interesting

It is better to understand that “quality calls sell goods”. Earnestly endeavor to eliminate “oohs” and “ahhs” during calls. Understand that it is much better to use meaningful words that provide strong support for your arguments. Anytime a customer accomplishes a sentence, device ways of telling them things that create lasting impressions in their mind, and be prepared with appropriate answers as well to help you respond to ambush questions accordingly.

10. Develop rapport with clients 

One of the rules of thumb in marketing is developing a rapport with clients before diving deep into the negotiations. Begin by knowing the challenges the customer has been experiencing, and align your product features to specifically address those concerns. Ever came across the phrase, “A smile is a friend maker”?  It is also advisable to smile when talking to clients even though they might not be within sight. A smile touches the human heart in the communication process.

11. Leave irresistible messages 

Have beneficial voicemail messages and you will not fail to get return calls quite often. A message like, “You know what your company driver is? Tried to have an SEO metric plan before. You will reduce your spending on blind advertising by 60%.” With such a message, you are more than sure to get a callback. However, do away with assumptions. Always ask the prospect to give you a callback because if you don’t ask, you will not get it.

12. Be prepared for objections

 Almost every telemarketer out there has come face-to-face with objections when selling a product over the phone. With that being said, your ability to not get distracted and disheartened by such types of negativity is what will guarantee your chances of making more sales.

Furthermore, always remember to explain your point without being irritated. In the sales realm, your convincing power and outbound techniques are what set you apart from any other seller. Endeavor to master the art with patience, and always take the time to express your brand by illustrating its superior qualities regardless if it will be well received by your intended audience or not.

13. Call them by their names

 Make it a practice to call customers by their names at least two times during the conversation. Such an act generates more interest from the customer. According to communication experts, using names when in a conversation intensifies the bond between two people, and, in sales, it makes the customer feel valued. It is, therefore, better to understand how interpersonal communication plays a crucial role in telesales.

14. Follow-up 

In case you don’t get a response immediately, keep trying. One of the best tips is that when you call them at least three times and they don’t pick up, retreat and call them again after two to three weeks. Additionally, you can leave a message that inspires a call-to-action. The reality is that not everybody will respond, but many people do get back. Another thing you can do is leveraging the techniques of the power dialer that can  save you time when making the follow ups on your prospects.

15. The gatekeeper 

This is not your typical “nice guy” kind of person. They are the barrier to your intended target and work hard in shielding them from unwarranted calls. The first call you make will obviously be disappointing, as the gatekeeper will definitely brush you off. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb is don’t be irritated, but keep calm whenever the gatekeeper picks the phone. If they say that the person you intend to talk to is not around, ask them if they can take a message or if you can call them back later.

Often, executives work more than the gatekeeper and may pick up unanswered calls past the working hours. Alternatively, you can engineer your way to your target by calling and simply asking to speak to a salesperson. Salespeople are often busy people. Try asking them to connect you to that particular executive, and boom!  You will not believe you finally reached your target.


 In your quest to make a great phone sales pitch, make sure that you continuously harness your sales skills, maintain a natural tone, use gestures, and position yourself right during your calls. Moreover, always be prepared before a sales pitch, never assume you know what the customer intends to say, set daily call-up goals, and make constant follow-ups.

Additionally, use the business phone to strengthen customer relationships, and, when you call, identify customers by their names. Finally, being prepared for objections will help you in going past the gatekeeper; otherwise, leave irresistible messages to entice your prospect to take action.

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