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Everything You Should Know About Pressure-Assisted Toilets

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Pressure-assisted toilets are a tech-savvy industry advancement that countless northern Utah households are embracing!

We support northern Utah residents with all sorts of toilet services, and this includes helping people navigate their best options while shopping for new toilets in today’s marketplace.

There are many great options available for homeowners, and one of the most intriguing options today is the pressure-assisted toilet. As the name of this model suggests, this toilet will utilize enhanced pressure for its flushing capacities.

Below we’ll be providing a comprehensive overview detailing everything you need to know about pressure-assisted toilets, including how they work, their pros/cons, and what makes them a great plumbing investment!

What Exactly Are Pressure-Assisted Toilets & How Do They Work?

Pressure-assisted toilets utilize compressed water pressure or air to create a more forceful flush, and they were originally invented to help mitigate the dilemmas caused by many gravity-fed toilets that struggle with waste clearing. The added pressure associated with these flushes is also beneficial in terms of reducing the overall likelihood of drain clogs.

These toilets feature an inner tank that’s located inside the main tank, and this inner tank is where the toilet’s pressure mechanism is. When someone flushes, water is rushed into the inner tank to then be met by either compressed air or water pressure.

The added pressure creates more energy, which subsequently results in a more forceful flush.

Pros of Pressure-Assisted Toilets

Here are some of the benefits associated with pressure-assisted toilets that you should keep in mind while narrowing down your top options:

  • Efficient waste removal: the powerful flush associated with these toilets makes clearing bathroom waste incredibly seamless. You’ll no longer need to flush twice to thoroughly eliminate your waste, which goes a long way to reduce water usage.
  • Minimal clogging: strong flushes also lead to less likelihood of drain clogs, which can help you reduce drain cleaning appointments and improve your system’s overall sanitation.
  • Great for larger households: pressure-assisted toilets are good options for larger homes in northern Utah that have several occupants, and this is because they can more easily handle frequent usage.
  • Water savings: Pressurized toilets often use less water than traditional toilets, so there are many eco-friendly benefits connected to these appliances in terms of reduced utility bills and conservation strategies.

Cons of Pressure-Assisted Toilets

Although most people love pressure-assisted toilets, there are some slight drawbacks that you should be aware of:

  • Louder operational sounds: The flushes on these toilets are generally louder as compared to traditional toilets, which can sometimes be a drawback for people who want rather quiet bathrooms.
  • Higher costs: pressure-assisted toilets are usually more expensive due to their advanced construction and technology; however, it’s important to remember how these added up-front costs will eventually pay for themselves in terms of utility savings and long-term performance.
  • Maintenance needs: pressure-assisted toilets don’t always need maintenance on a regular basis, but their repairs and maintenance appointments are generally more complex as compared to traditional toilets. This is because they have a more complex design that utilizes a cutting-edge pressure mechanism.

Is It Possible For These Toilets To Leak?

A lot of people will invest in pressure-assisted toilets to replace an older, leaking toilet, but it’s important to remember that these tech-savvy toilets are still susceptible to leaks within certain scenarios.

So although leaks are less likely, you can still experience toilet leaks when you’re dealing with certain factors like:

  • Wear and tear
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Improper installation
  • Tank cracks

Are Pressure-Assisted Toilets A Good Investment?

Although your toilet investment decisions will largely depend upon your unique preferences and household needs, it’s generally safe to say that pressurized toilets are a very good investment for any residential plumbing system.

If you value some of the important benefits that we listed above, including reduced clogging and improved water efficiency, then you’ll quickly see how pressure-assisted toilets are a long-term investment that your household will cherish.

Our team is here to help you thoroughly analyze your home’s plumbing system and how your personal preferences may or may not make you a good candidate for pressurized toilets, and this truly is the beauty of partnering up with northern Utah’s most experienced Master Plumbers!

Reach Out To Beehive Plumbing To Learn More About Our Toilet Services

Beehive Plumbing is a top-rated plumbing enterprise located in northern Utah, and we’ve helped thousands of properties switch to pressure-assisted toilets in recent years.

We understand how you might have questions about these toilet models, so feel free to contact us online or call us at 801-849-3854 to schedule an appointment with our specialists today!

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