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Epoxy Flooring for Garages Information

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What Is Epoxy Garage Flooring?

Epoxy is a newer flooring alternative that has taken root in many households around the world for its strength and ease of maintenance. As a mix of hardeners and resins, epoxy is a complex chemical bond resulting in a durable finish you will not find in other flooring options. Epoxy is often used over concrete in garages for depth, texture, and uniqueness. Because epoxy is not paint, it is able to last quite a long time and weather some hard wear and tear (like what you would expect from a garage!).

Epoxy garage floors, when installed by professionals, typically require three layers of epoxy. Before starting, the base is examined to ensure it is a good candidate for epoxy floors. Once cleared and lightly sanded in some cases, the epoxy floor process starts with a priming layer, designed to fill in any cracks or divots in your concrete base while setting up the next layer for perfection. The middle layer is the “body” of the epoxy and is the thickest. This is where people are able to customize their floors with colors and designs. The last layer is the sealant and is used to cover and protect the most important part of the epoxy floor. When installed properly, epoxy floors are able to last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. They are water and stain resistant and are easy to clean in the event a mishap occurs. With a beautiful, glossy finish, potential buyers down the road will love seeing an epoxy garage floor because they know how durable and strong they will be for themselves.

What Types of Epoxy Garage Floors Are Available?

One of the greatest advantages to using epoxy garage floors over other options is the ability to almost completely customize it. Depending on the style you are looking for, paint chips can be added for a spark of color and contrast in the floor. For commercial garages especially, it is imperative that employees are safe while working on the floor – which is why we typically recommend additives within the epoxy to make the floor slip-resistant and anti-static. If you can tell us specifically what you plan on using your garage for (working on boats, as a workshop, or simply to store your vehicles) we will better be able to give you a recommendation with all the additives we believe you will benefit from.

Regardless of what type of traffic your garage will have, we almost always recommend a 100% solids epoxy. We never use solvent-based epoxies due to the high VOCs and dangerous fumes – you can always trust us to utilize safe products and ingredients in your epoxy garage floor application! 100% solids epoxy are thicker than other epoxy types and are more stain and chemical resistant. As the more durable option, 100% solids are more cost effective and often the better choice in every garage situation.

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