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7 Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Mums Really Want

Buying a gift for a baby shower can be difficult, especially if you don’t have children yourself and have no idea what a new mum may want or need. If you’re struggling to think of something to give a new mum then here are 7 baby shower gift ideas that real mums have said are the most memorable.

Treats for them as mothers
Babyshower gifts tend to focus on the baby but mums like a little treat too. From their favourite bottle of bubbly to pop once the baby has been born, to a paid-for night away at a spa or even something as simple as a pregnancy pillow to make their last few months of pregnancy more comfortable.

Nappies are one of those things that you can get through at a very rapid rate as a new parent. A months worth of nappies or a selection of nappies in varying sizes to have as baby grows makes a very practical present. For mums looking to use cloth nappies then a subscription to a cloth nappy laundry service or a few extra cloth nappies to add to their supply will also be a great gift.

Home-cooked meals
Finding time to cook with a newborn can be tricky and so offering to bring over some home-cooked meals or providing a voucher for a healthy home-cooked meal delivery box or service can help take the strain away from grocery shopping and cooking.

Bedding and blankets
Bedding and blankets are two other items that rank very highly on the list of most wanted items. Finding baby bedding and blankets can seem a little tricky if you don’t know where to look but thankfully you can buy some beautiful bedding and blankets online from companies such as

Gifts from the heart
If you’re ever in doubt as to what to get someone for their baby shower then give them a gift from the heart. A personalised momentum, a gift of clothing that they may have worn themselves as a baby or a homemade blanket or hat are items that parents treasure forever and will likely pass down to their own baby one day.

A mum and baby photoshoot
Those first few weeks as a mum are so special and mums always say how they wish their little one would stay little forever, so offer your mum to be the gift of capturing those memories by purchasing her a mum and baby photoshoot at a local studio. The images captured on that day won’t just be a reminder or her little one on that day but also of you as the person who gave the gift.

Gift vouchers
If in doubt gift vouchers always come in handy and allow mum to spend the money on the things she needs, be that a last-minute supply of nappies or a little treat for herself such as some post-pregnancy clothes or a little pamper treatment. Giving money can seem a little odd at a baby shower but vouchers show thoughtful intent and always go down a treat.

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