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Energy Independence: How to Take Your Solar Power Systems Off Grid

Building a house, renovating a system, or buying a home in the planning or construction stage? With energy becoming expensive and a greater strain on the environment, it’s time to leap into energy independence.

Most people who go solar do so because it’s cheaper than standard electricity. They do so for environmental reasons.

Going off the grid with your solar power system is easier and more achievable than you think. Read this guide to learn how to take your solar power systems off grid.

Figure Out How Much Power You Need

Start by determining what type of appliances you will use and how much power these require. Research the wattage numbers for the various lights, fans, and other appliances. List your energy consumption goals, including running the refrigerator, water heater, and other necessities.

This can help you make a more realistic estimation of your power needs. Consider factors such as how much sun your area receives and estimate the amount of energy you can generate with solar panels. Add up all the power consumption numbers to get an approximate total of your daily power consumption.

Calculate the Amount of Battery Storage

This is done by adding your daily electrical use and any additional energy sources you may use. Once you have that figure, you can determine how much battery capacity your system will need to store and power.

And you need to factor in your area’s expected daily solar radiance; based on this, you can determine how much of your total energy needs can be met with solar power. With these calculations, you can get a number for the desired battery capacity.

Calculate the Number of Solar Panels Needed for Your Location

You must determine the amount of energy you plan to generate and use for your electricity grid system. And you need to know the amount of sunlight your location receives. For example, a location that receives eight hours of direct sunlight each day would require more panels than a location receiving only three hours of direct sunlight each day.

In addition, you will need to know the type of home solar systems you will use and their wattage output. And you will need to consider the performance and efficiency of the panel. Once you have these factors, you can calculate the solar panels you need for your off-grid system.

After all the calculations, you’ll be able to know the number of solar panels you will need. Get solar panels today and start taking control of your energy needs.

Learning How to Take Your Solar Power Systems off Grid

Solar power systems are a great way to save money on energy bills and a sustainable and reliable source of energy independence. With a proper plan, the right equipment, and an experienced installer, you can take your solar power systems off grid with ease.

Contact a renewable energy specialist today and learn how to get started with energy independence.

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