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Seeing the Future: How to Find a Real Psychic Medium That Is Legit

In a world full of chaos and uncertainty, it can be a relief to talk with someone who can give you a few hints about what your future looks like. But how do you know if what you’re hearing is legitimate and not a scam?

When looking for a psychic, be sure to consider all of the following elements simultaneously. This allows you to get a comprehensive overview of the psychic instead of a single-sided one. 

Keep reading to learn how to find a real psychic medium!

Understand Your Expectations

Before you even begin to look for a psychic, you need to understand why you’re looking for answers. Do you want to know more about your love life or your work future? 

Being able to narrow in on your specific desires will help you narrow your search for a psychic. Additionally, if you follow a particular religion, it can be useful to work with a local psychic medium of similar beliefs. 

Online Reviews

One of the best ways to find a legit medium is to look online. There are hundreds of sites that provide psychic readings online as well as reviews for local psychics. You can browse reviews from other clients as well as the profiles of various psychics to find one that is right for you.

Word of Mouth

Another way to understand if a psychic is legit or not is to use word of mouth. Do you have friends or family who swear by a certain psychic?

Even online Facebook groups or your local neighborhood group are great places to ask if anyone has a certain psychic that they frequently use.

Check Their Claims

When psychics talk about their abilities, there are a few things that most psychics don’t claim to be able to do:

  • Contact the dead
  • Have a 100% success rate
  • Arrange love matches

If your potential psychic claims to be able to do any of these, it’s probably best to keep looking. A high success rate is preferable, but anyone who claims to be 100% accurate all the time is someone to steer clear of.

Free Consultation or Reading

Many psychics will offer a free phone consultation or even a free psychic reading before being paid for their services. 

This is a great way to know if a psychic is legitimate or not because you can get a feel for the types of readings and results they can provide.

Consult a Pagan Shop

Many towns have some sort of pagan shop that will know all about the local psychics. Pop in and ask for a recommendation. You’ll likely come away with at least a few names to try.

Don’t Look on Craigslist

Well known for its scams, Craigslist is not the place to start when looking for a psychic. You’re better off consulting the methods above and avoiding this sketchy online network

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