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Easy1Up: Complete Review Including Compensation (Referral) Plans

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Easy1Up Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Joining!

Are you an entrepreneur or trying to become one?

We get it; you too, are looking to earn money with your idea in the easiest way possible. We won’t judge you for it, because we all want the same.

Easy1Up claims to have the best possible products and plans for earning and learning simultaneously seamlessly and compellingly.

Read on to learn all about Easy1Up and its products.

Don’t forget to read our verdict (last section) on it as well!

Brief Introduction to Easy1Up

Easy1Up is all about empowering entrepreneurs and how one can 1-up their competitions by learning and developing modern marketing strategies. In simple language, you can also perceive it as an affiliate marketing opportunities platform.

Peter Wolfing is the creator of the programs and products at Easy1Up with the sole aim of helping marketers in taking their business to a whole new level. It attempts to accomplish this with its robust member-to-member payment structure.

All in All, Easy1Up presents its users with an array of training modules that constitute learning and training videos for the users along with an attractive offer of getting paid for every new user they bring to the Easy1Up platform.

What are the products offered by Easy1Up?

To boost its affiliate marketing opportunities, Peter at Easy1Up has put together six varied courses that are framed to make an impact on the wannabe or novice entrepreneurs around the world.

These courses offer hours of training on marketing and related niches to keep them up to date with all the modern trends in the market. These products aim at delivering the right knowledge to leverage the power of the internet to earn money.

Below listed are the six products that Easy1Up offers for its user to purchase and learn:

Elevation Basic ($25)

This basic-level course dives deep into answering the questions on how to build a strong network and generate leads from social media. In the current digital age, it’s quite essential to not only learn how to generate leads online but also learn how to generate them consistently.

The video series of this course deals with the following topics:

  •  Why Online Network Marketing
  •  Which Online Network Marketing Company To Join
  •  How To Scale Your Online Network Marketing
  •  How To Generate Leads
  •  How To Offer Bonuses
  •  Review Writing Techniques
  •  How To Create A Free Offer
  •  How To Build your Empire Of Affiliate Businesses
    • And much more

In case you’re in doubt or confused about purchasing a product from this platform. You can give it a try with this basic level course of only $25.

Elevation Elite ($100)

The next-level after basic is Elevation Elite that taps into the features of video marketing channels such as Udemy and YouTube.

In 2020, Video Marketing is undoubtedly offering the best possible engagement from the audience. With this course, you’ll learn about how to drive sales from videos.

The video series of this course deals with the following topics:

  • Udemy
  • Product Creation
  • Solo Ads
  • Live Events Embedded Google Hangouts
  • YouTube Clickable links
  • Intro To Video Marketing on YouTube

Vertex ($250)

The Vertex course by Easy1Up focuses on the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing. It’s an in-depth course that will help students learn how to sell a product that someone else has created for a commission (just like Easy1Up) and get a step-by-step education on how to launch their product and attract affiliates for it.

The video series of this course deals with the following topics:

  • Offering Irresistible Offers
  • Passion to Profit
  • Affiliate Marketing Survival
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Email Relationship Mastery
  • Business Systems

Vertex Elite ($500)

If you’re want to learn how you can generate free traffic online, this is the Easy1Up course that is perfect for you. The video series in Vertex Elite will help you learn how to attract traffic without advertisements on the web.

The video series of this course deals with the following topics:

  • Money counts Live business Building
  • Drop-Shipping Counts
  • Zero Cost Traffic
  • 50 Non-Stop Traffic Methods

Vertex Pro ‘Connect’ ($1000)

For some powerful learning and training to learn the basics and advanced levels of online paid marketing, you can choose Vertex Pro ‘Connect’ course at Easy1Up.

The extensive video series under this course will deal with the following:

  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Tumblr Training
  • Video Sales Funnels
  • Streaming Profits Authority
  • Snapchat Marketing
  • Social Media Authority
  • Reddit Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • LinkedIn Basics
  • FB Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Blog Authority

Vertex ‘Live’ ($2000)

The latest edition in the course series at Easy1Up is the Vertex Live training course. It’s created with 18+ hours of high quality and well-crafted material on assorted topics. The course not just offers top learnings but also includes two tickets to one live event at a future date.

Live events are to help accelerate the business of the attendee. Here’s a list of topics that will be covered in this comprehensive course:

  • Maximizing clickfunnels
  • 10k Blueprint
  • TurboCash Live
  • Complete 1M Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Amazon Affiliate Profits
  • Content Marketing
  • CPA Marketing
  • Internet Marketing for Business

How does Easy1Up Work?

The process offered by Easy1Up is as easy as 1-2-3.

When you finalize to join any particular program (out of the ones listed above) on Easy1Up, you’ll receive two payment links.

The first payment link will let you pay for the admin fee (which will vary from $5 to $50 depending on the type of membership or product you’re purchasing).

The second payment link will be to pay the person who referred you to join this program (which is also referred to as your sponsor).

Once both these payments are made successfully, your account will be activated, and you can access the video series. Further, you can immediately begin with your promotion work using the affiliate link provided to you and earn a 100% commission on referring someone.

There are no hidden costs apart from the above two.

Compensation Plan: A Legit Plan to Earn and let others earn, as well.

Easy1Up’s 100% referral commissions on the sales of their products are LEGIT.

Easy1up has a simple and straightforward compensation plan for every member that joins them by purchasing any one of their products.

Here’s an overview of each one of them:

If you buy a $25 elevation product, you will earn $25 by referring to any other person in the team.

If you purchase a $100 elevation elite product, you’ll be eligible to earn back $100 by inviting other people in your team.

The same is valid for Vertex, Vertex Elite, and Vertex Pro products of $250, $500, and $1000.

Final Verdict

In one sentence, Easy1Up offers you to utilize your dollars in the best possible way. Whatever product you buy, you’ll learn numerous marketing strategies from it and then apply them in real life to earn money. Moreover, you can learn and get the same amount back (that you invested) on the product right away by simply asking someone to join your team on the platform for the same product.

We hope this comprehensive review on Easy1Up and its product helps you decide whether to join the platform.

In our opinion, it’s a thumbs up.

Easy1Up is one of the best platforms that offers you to learn and earn at the same time.

In case you have any queries or doubts! Do let us know! We’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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