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8 Best Teaching Careers in the Education Field

Did you know that the job outlook for high school teachers from 2018-2028 is expected to grow by 4%? Are you wondering what the best teaching careers are but not sure where to look or what to look for?

This article will cover the best education positions out there. Read on to uncover the best jobs you can have a good future with and enjoy. 

1. High School Teacher

When you’re looking for a job in education, look no further than a high school teacher. If the thought of working with teens and handling one subject doesn’t scare you, being a high school teacher could be for you. You could teach math, foreign language, art, science, etc. 

This is a great opportunity to shape the minds of high schoolers and inspire them to have a love for your passion for the subject. 


The requirements for a high school teacher vary by state. You’ll be required to have a Bachelor’s Degree, and then obtain a state-issued license. Most private schools have fewer requirements than public schools but still, normally require at least a Bachelor’s degree. 

2. Middle School Teacher 

Middle school teachers normally work with students that are between the grades of 5th-8th. You could teach subjects similar to a high school teacher such as Spanish, art, science, or math. 

A middle schooler teacher’s position is so vital because it’s at an age where teenagers are transitioning from elementary and middle school to high school and later teenage years. 

You’ll need to plan your lessons in advance plus grade assignments, just like other teachers. 


You must have a degree in Early Education or a certain field such as Math or Science. Certain states require teachers to obtain a Master’s Degree. 

3. Special Education Teacher

If you become a special education teacher, you’ll be helping students with a variety of mental, intellectual, emotional, and physical disabilities. This is normally a more in-demand position than non-special education teachers. 

While it can be challenging teaching as a special education teacher, it’s extremely rewarding helping them go toward their future career goals. 


You’ll need at least a Bachelor’s Degree, and state licensure. Some states require you to obtain a Master’s Degree. 

4. Health Educator

If you decide you want to be an educator but not a teacher, you can consider a health educator. You aren’t just limited to schools, you can work at hospitals and for the government as well. 

You’ll develop effective programs that help the needs of the public. You can work in a variety of fields and inspire others, not just for nutrition, but for substance abuse prevention for example. 

The employment growth for this position is high so it’s the perfect time to enter this field. 


You’ll normally need at least a Bachelor’s Degree to become a health educator. Many companies require health educators to get the Certified Health Education Specialist Certification. 

5. College Professor

If you’ve decided you’d like to work with college-age students, a college professor could be the right fit for you. You’ll give specialized courses on specific topics such as the humanities, sciences, math, etc. Depending on the field you enter, you could do studies and research as well. 

You’ll receive more time off than other teachers but you’ll normally have more work and papers to grade throughout the year. 


To teach at a 2-year community college you’ll need at least a Master’s Degree. If you’d like to teach at a 4-year college you’ll need a doctoral degree. 

6. Preschool Teacher

While the pay isn’t as high for a preschool teacher, play is more important than homework and papers. You’ll teach social development and problem-solving skills. You’ll do story-time and play-time instead of standing in front of a classroom. 

This position is rewarding because you’re still teaching through play. Children will then be ready to go off to elementary school. You’ll normally work with children from ages 3-5 but you can work with children up to 8 years old normally. 


If you’re looking to become a preschool teacher, normally you’re only required to have an Associates Degree. The job outlook for preschool teachers is excellent.

7. Teaching Assistant

If you’ve decided you’d like to teach but also help out a teacher, a teaching assistant could be the perfect fit. You could assist in a variety of classrooms from the tech room to one-on-one with a child who has special needs. 

You can improve a child’s learning ability by giving them extra help and being there for children on a more personal level than just teaching. 


To become a teaching assistant, you normally need at least 2 years of college. Each state and school could have different requirements. 

8. Adult Literacy Teacher

 Adult literacy can be a problem where adults can struggle to read. In this position, you’ll help adults with their language, reading, and writing. You could also help them obtain a high school degree. 

You could also help students find job placement services in their area as well. You could work at community colleges, community-based organizations, or public schools. This position’s job outlook is expected to decline and it’s normally more of a part-time position. 


An adult literacy teacher normally requires a Bachelor’s Degree. Certain areas require a Master’s Degree as well. Certain areas will require licenses and certifications as well.

Exploring the Best Teaching Careers

When you’re looking for the best teaching careers, you must decide what age-group you’d like to teach along with what you’re passionate about.

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