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Don’t Cost Yourself Money! How Wealth Advisors Can Create A Content Rich Site

Creating a content-rich website for wealth advisors may seem like an impossible endeavor. After all, finance tools and decisions don’t always equate to lengthy blogs and articles.


Many businesses are misled into believing that their industry doesn’t need excessive content or, in extreme cases, any at all.

Consider this: 96 percent of B2B buyers crave content that’s laced with industry-leading voices.

Any business can have rich, quality content that clients want to read. It’s about presenting that content in a concise, engaging way.

It’s not impossible to create thumb-stopping content. It just takes a little strategy, creativity, and reliability. Let’s get started!

Developing a Strategy

In order to create great content, businesses need a strategy. A meeting would never be scheduled without some background information. In the same vein, content cannot just be written.

There’s a severe lack of content planning in many marketing strategies. In fact, a mere 41 percent of businesses think they have a grasp of what an effective content marketing plan looks like.

Businesses should take time to carefully craft a strategy that benefits their operation, as well as their target audience. There’s a wealth of information if one knows where to search.

To begin, businesses should look in the mirror. Wealth advisors have an untapped market of potential. Financial tools, advice, and consultation can be a daunting topic for the month. Yet, industry leaders have the chance to tap into a curious audience that will listen once the content is written clearly and concisely.

Check out this great article by Investormint for an example of what to do.

Writing for an Audience

Now, here’s the fun part!

When created correctly, well-researched content can essentially become the selling point. The selling point, in this case, may be a product, service, or the business itself.

As stated above, wealth advisors have a unique opportunity to become a voice of authority. This is a reliable, confident source of information that increases trust and customer retention.

There are a number of ways to build a reliable reputation.

Content must be:

  • Original: No one wants to hear the same facts and figures. Engaging content is creative, colorful, and above all, interesting.
  • High-Quality: There is no room for sloppy, poorly crafted blogs in today’s digital world. Websites must have well-researched accurate information in order to be taken seriously.
  • Engaging: If readers are not immediately swayed, they will click out of the website. It’s as simple as that.
  • Consistent: The key to successful websites is consistent content update. In fact, 85 percent of the top marketers post content regularly.

Wrap It up in a Neat Bow

When there’s a beautiful product, it only makes sense to present it with the reverence it deserves. Content layout is crucial to attracting readers.

Helpful images, such as infographics, are an indispensable resource to add a splash of color to the page and entice readers to click and share.

Videos are also thumb-stopping additions that engage readers and also serve as a breath of fresh air in between content.

Ready, Set, Write!

Looking for a little more help?

Check out these 5 tips that will help financial gurus build a cache of engaging blog topics.

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