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Does Mother Know Best? 5 Dos and Don’ts of Being the Mother of the Bride

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So, your daughter just got engaged. You’re incredibly excited for her, but also realize that this makes you a mother of the bride and you’re wondering what you should and shouldn’t do to make this one of the greatest times of your little girl’s life.

You’ve heard of momzillas and a few of your daughter’s friends have talked about how much they fought with their moms during the planning process. It’s okay to be anxious, but mother of the bride etiquette isn’t all that complicated!

In this article, we outline 5 do’s and don’ts for being the ideal mother of the bride, so you’ll know exactly how to handle this big job!

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1. Do Give Your Opinion

Your daughter is likely going to want your advice during the wedding planning process, and you should give it! However, you should be allowing her to make the final decisions on her own. You and her maid of honor are important pieces of the planning process, but at the end of the day, it’s her big day.

2. Don’t Be Critical or Negative

It’s inevitable – your daughter is going to make a decision or two regarding the wedding that you simply don’t agree with. Or maybe the groom’s father has a few too many drinks at the rehearsal dinner. No matter what happens, you need to do your best to be the picture of poise.

Avoid being critical of anyone at the wedding, but especially your daughter. Being a bride is stressful enough as it is! Give her love and support, and if she makes a choice that you absolutely hate, you can kindly offer an alternative, as long as you’re not putting her down.

3. Do Choose Appropriate Attire

A wedding is a time for everyone to get together – probably a good number of friends and family you haven’t seen for years! And you want to look nice and stand out as the mother of the bride, but be sure to run any potential dress choices past your daughter.

It’s never a bad idea to stay on the modest side, and whatever you do, do not wear white. There are tons of mother of the bride dresses available online and in stores, have fun shopping with your daughter!

4. Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin

While it’s important to help your daughter with the planning and any last-minute details she needs, be careful not to stretch yourself too thin, especially on the big day. Your little girl is going to need you to be there for her!

The last thing you want is to be running around town on her wedding day and miss helping her put her dress on or making sure she has the perfect “something blue.”

5. Do Enjoy Every Moment!

It can be so easy to get lost in all of the stress of planning a wedding, but remember, this is your daughter’s special day! It should be a time that you both remember fondly as a time you spent together. Don’t let the wedding chaos take you out of the moment for too long.

Mother of the Bride Etiquette to Follow

Well, there you have it! Those were five staples of mother of the bride etiquette to keep in mind during the planning stage, as well as on the big day.

Remember, above all, you should be having fun with your daughter! To help ensure you both enjoy this time together, it’s vital that you remain supportive and understanding throughout the entire process. Give any advice your daughter asks for, but always be mindful of the fact that this is her special day and should, therefore, be created by her.

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