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Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind!

There are several fundamental ways to reprogram your subconscious mind on this article; I will talk about four of them.

If you feel like spiraling inside your mind or in life you are not alone. Is like a never ending situation and  if you visited this article is because you are seeking answers.

Firstly:  Why do you stay stuck in your old ways and feel like you can never change?

Your subconscious mind keeps you stuck in the past. Most of the time is because incidents from your childhood, fears, difficult issues from education, family problems or friends that you made and are negative influences?

When you use willpower to make a change, you are just using 1 to 5 percent of your conscious brain to accomplish the desired outcome.

Those who can learn to use their conscious mind to dominate their subconscious mind, virtually learn to live the best experience.

A majority of us go around not being aware of our subconscious mind and the part it plays in the functioning of our body.

The subconscious mind or unconscious mind is responsible for 95-99 percent of everything we do, think, and say. It ensures our heart remains beating, our lungs breathing, our muscles receive info from the brain, and our immune system remembers to fight bacteria and so much more.

Since most or our subconscious holds our patterns and beliefs its essential to know that much of this happened before we were 8yrs old.

Most people try to manifest change in their life using affirmation and visualizations, and for the most part, it doesn’t work.

Scientists believe that it is because while speaking the positive affirmations, consciously a negative thought or disbelief stored in your subconscious will block the conscious mind to assimilate the positive affirmations or even it tries to make you have doubts.

So you have mixed signals, and those signals are sent out to the Universe. You have one idea on the inside and one thought on the outside. It is also called Law of Attraction but doesn’t mean that you attract only positive thoughts but negative too.

So a person that is always complaining of being poor will be poorer while a confident one will improve their financial situation.

From a scientific perspective, your core beliefs drive your actions and behaviors.

  • If you believe you are not good enough to go after your dream job or start your dream business, you won’t go after them not even fight because you think you do not deserve it.
  • If you were raised to think that rich people are greedy or are born with a silver spoon so only they are entitled to be rich- chances are you would not be rich.
  • If you think you are not lovable, you will not find someone to love you and will destroy any attempts at a relationship.

Great news- our subconscious mind where all negative memories are stored can be cleared of these thoughts.

If our subconscious mind is happy, confident, and bright, we will be much happier and healthier.

Secondly: Focus on one change at a time and determine what your goal is. Is it to make money, to get in shape, to lose weight to get rid of alcohol and cigarettes?

Regarding your wishes one can change. Once you have chosen to change it will take anywhere from a couple of days to about a year to complete.

What change will make the most significant difference in your life?

Positive Changes or negative changes which type of change are you seeking?

Many people say how could I possible seek negative changes? Negative changes are the easiest to achieve because always is easy to destroy then to build. Being negative, green of envy or just pure evil is all is take for a person to achieve negative changes.

The ability to successfully change our habits is the KEY to any successful transition.

If you can change one habit, you will eventually break all your other patterns.

I am sure that many questions come to your mind:

  • When I felt overwhelmed with the lack of direction in my life?
  • How did I get out of this mess?
  • How did I pick what I need to change?
  • Make a list of the things you want to change and one by one start improving in that area of your life.

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Overcoming emotional issues-

This is hard because other people are involved and you had no control over outcomes. However you should not think – There is nothing that can be done. Improving yourself, working on becoming assertive, working on finding time to relax or enjoy a good book, or even play a game in face book it is imperative.

Do you want to add a new skill if possible or make some money part-time?

You might not have any idea now how to find that job, but always think what you like to do as a hobby?

You like to Golf?

Are you good at golf? If yes how about give lessons or advice online. You like sewing? Teach someone how to sew or make embroidery.

You like to clean your own house because you are a neat freak? Give advice to others how to utilize their time and keep a clean house or start cleaning other people stuff, your house is already sparkling clean.

Improve physical health.

Start by walking first slow then faster. Eat clean vegetable, cook (or learn to cook your own food), drink lots of water; watch inspirational YouTube video that teaches you how they did it. Stop complaining. Watch your sugar intake; slow down on sugar and carbs. Challenge yourself to eat only one potato this week and all the other veggies to be low carbs.

Further: Decide that is time for changes and take action.

Action can be gained through repetition. Repeating good habits every day stay positive inside of your mind and the easiest one using subliminal messages which work through repetition. Making a habit of listening to subliminal messages every day is the easiest way.

You have to experiment with something over and over to get it right day in and day out to get good at it.

Last: Get rid of toxic friends, environment, bad habits or bad influences. This is one of the most important keys. Bad controls can delay improvement or stop it entirely.

Focus your attention on an area that concentrates on self-knowledge that matters most in life; the regions concerned with the inner self.

The gifts of self-knowledge to be interested in are:

-what kind of person are you attracted too?

-what intricate patterns of behavior do you have in relationships?

-what are your talents at work?

-what you do when you have been frustrated by life?

-can you distinguish between your emotions and thoughts?

You see people successful always in TV, Internet at Work.

What does the wise person know about themselves? They recognize toxic friends, environment or influences and what it takes to remove them.

End Anxiety and Depression

End Anxiety and Depression

What you should know about TOXIC PEOPLE :

  • try to control you.
  • disregard your boundaries
  • take without giving
  • are always right
  • aren’t honest
  • love to be victims
  • don’t take responsibility

We all have a lot of decisions to make in life. A few of things to keep in mind about decisions;

Make them early in the day when you have the most energy or after you have rested.

Eat before making decisions.

Most important, get rid of the toxic people in your life. There is no place for them.

Find help, we all need it. There is nothing wrong with it. One well kept secret for self improvement is, subliminal messaging.

Successful athletes and business people use subliminal message in the privacy of their home, while driving, while relaxing. Olympians use subliminal messages. Powerful speakers like Tony RobbinsWayne Dyer, and Louise Hay also are involved with subliminal.

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So what are you waiting for? Just start your subliminal journey and success starts always with Sprudio.

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