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Web Hosting Beginner’s Guide

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Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your web pages will be delivered to them through the browser.

Most hosting companies require that you own your domain in order to host with them. If you do not have a domain, the hosting companies will help you purchase one.


How can my online business benefit from a web hosting service?

Having reliable website hosting is beneficial to a business when it performs well. When it doesn’t serve a business reliably, then it can hurt it more than it helps. A website can also be used to connect with potential customers before they decide to buy a product or service from a company.


Make additional profits from a web presence

A website shouldn’t just be a “brochure-ware” site. It should provide a way for customers to directly make purchases and complete the transaction. You can have various social media accounts that seek to widen the brand’s appeal, but people interested should be funnelled through to the website.

Connect with clients through a blog

Don’t forget to publish a blog on your company website. This is a way to share the opinions of staff about the services provided, the importance of customers, and so on. Having a blog goes way beyond the meaning behind a logo or brand image. It connects the mind-space of employees with the customers. Posting on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram is useful too.

Websites are the lifeblood of online life for every company now. It’s important to remember that businesses do not own their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts. They can be removed or deleted by the site’s overseers with little warning or redress. This is another reason to use the hub and spoke model as it claims the business’s independence by pulling customers onto their site and not just the third-party’s site.

What Web Hosting should I use?

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains. The company operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet facility in Orem, Utah. Bluehost employs over 750 people in its Utah facility.


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