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Different Methods of Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry

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Construction disputes can be stressful for any owner or contractor. From quantifying delays to consulting with lawyers and handling court visits, disputes can become messy. In such situations, companies engage the services of Construction Delay Expert Witness Orange County to help them solve disputes. All stakeholders involved in the construction project need to bear the consequences of a project delay.

Whether you’re an owner or a contractor working on the project, the last thing you want is a construction dispute. In saying that, there are a few things that you can consider to avoid such instances. And if they do arise, here are some methods of dispute resolution in the construction industry.


Negotiations are one of the best ways to resolve any construction disputes. You can consider including a negotiation clause in your construction contract that will aim to resolve any conflicts and disputes that may arise during the project through mutual understanding and constructive talks. The stakeholders involved in the contract will aim to reach a consensus before moving forward with the project. This is probably the easiest and most stress-free way to resolve any conflict.


If negotiations don’t succeed and all stakeholders reach a deadlock, then it is worth considering hiring a mediator to solve the problem. Now, whatever the mediator decides is not legally binding for any parties; however, they can assist in resolving conflicts and breaking deadlocks before the matter goes out of hand.

Expert Determination

If all parties to the construction project fail to reach a consensus, even with a mediator, you might have to call in an expert determinator. Expert determination can be quite handy in complex construction projects and delays. The method is used to resolve disputes of unique nature where an expert opinion is required to settle matters. The expert opinion is not legally binding. However, parties can trust the professional’s opinion and carry on with the construction project.


Stakeholders can also go down the adjudication route if they fail to reach a consensus. In matters where deadlocks persist, and neither party can find a suitable outcome, an adjudicator is called to decide.

It is similar to mediation, where third-party assistance is required. However, in such a situation, the adjudicator provides the decision instead of assisting parties to find a resolution. It can be a cost-effective way to resolve lingering disputes and ensure the completion of the project.

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