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Cheap Car Storage: Does it Exist and How to Find it

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More people than ever before are investing in second vehicles.

Some need a powerful four-wheel-drive vehicle for moving equipment or cruising through heavy snow. Others enjoy collecting sports cars or like to rebuild cars as a hobby.

Whatever the reason, many of these people need cheap car storage.

Living in an apartment or an urban area can often limit you to a single parking space if you’re lucky enough to have one. Other places don’t offer off-street parking and finding a place to park your primary vehicle, let alone a second, is nearly impossible.

The solution? Look for cheap car storage.

Car storage gives you a safe place to store your vehicle for an affordable cost. Many storage options offer features such as climate control and additional security. Others keep it simple by offering a spot to park your vehicle for an extended period of time.

The best part is cheap car storage exists and many are available. Here’s what you need to know about cheap car storage how to find it!

What is Cheap Car Storage, and Why Do I Need It?

Cheap car storage is simply affordable car storage. The struggle many people with a second car face is finding an affordable place to store it. Sure, some companies offer great storage facilities but these storage spaces come at a hefty price.

No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars each month to park their car.

Fortunately, you can find car storage places at a much affordable price point. There are a few companies that offer reduced storage prices for parking areas with fewer features.

Another option is to consider renting a space from a private residence. Homeowners with extra garage space or parking space are looking for a way to make a little extra income with their unused spaces.

Both you and the person who owns the space can benefit. You’ll get a private place to park your vehicle while they can make a little extra cash. Those with larger properties or who live in rural areas may have additional space to park RVs, ATVs, campers, boats, and more.

If you need an affordable place to store your second vehicle, then you need cheap car storage. The trick to finding the right storage solution for you is knowing what to look for.

Open vs. Closed Car Storage

There are two primary types of car storage: open storage and closed storage. As the names suggest, open storage refers to parking and storing your vehicle uncovered. A closed storage space offers a roof and walls to protect your vehicle from the outdoors.

Open Car Storage

Outdoor car storage is the most inexpensive method for storing your vehicle. The only downside is your vehicle will be outdoors and exposed to the elements. Common outdoor car storage spaces are driveways or other paved areas where you can park your vehicle for extended periods of time.

There are outdoor car storage spaces that offer some protection, such as a roof like a carport. At a renting facility, the outdoor car storage areas will be a parking lot on the outskirts of the facility. When renting from a private party or a homeowner, this can be an extra space in their driveway or a paved camper/RV spot next to the garage or house.

If you choose open car storage for your vehicle, look for parking areas that have pavement. The pavement will protect your vehicle and tires from mud and potential water damage.

While open car storage is the cheapest car storage you’ll find, outdoor exposure can damage your vehicle.

Closed Car Storage

Closed car storage will cost a little more as it offers more protection and benefits. Storing your vehicle indoors will protect it from the sun, rain, snow, dirt, wind, and other elements that may damage your car. If you’re looking for a long-term storage option, closed car storage is your best option.

Another advantage of closed car storage is you can store other items with your car. This can include tools, shop vacs, and any other items you have that need storage.

You can cut costs by skipping the large storage facility and renting extra garage space from a private homeowner. You may get lucky and find a garage space that has extra features, like climate control and electricity.

Car Storage Sizes

Storage spaces come in all sorts of sizes. If you’re going through a professional company, they’ll have a variety of standard sizes for you to choose from. Note that larger sizes will cost more than smaller sized storage spaces.

You’ll need to consider the size of the vehicle you’re planning to store. To save money, you may prefer to choose a smaller unit. You don’t, however, want to choose a unit that’s so tiny your car barely fits and you can’t get out.

Make sure to choose a storage size that’s appropriate for your vehicle. Standard storage sizes include:

  • 10×10 ft spaces, ideal for motorcycles and small compact cars
  • 10×20 ft spaces are half the size of a two-car garage and can fit most cars, SUVs, and small trucks
  • 10×30 ft spaces, ideal for large and specialty vehicles and those with additional items to store
  • 10×30+ ft spaces, a good option for those with more than one vehicle to store, RVs, long boats, and more

As you look for cheap car storage, you’ll want to ensure it’s a self-storage unit with drive-up accessibility. Some storage places may be inside a warehouse, making it impossible for you to access the space by vehicle.

You may have more flexibility and can save money by opting for an outdoor parking area to store your vehicle. A private residence or small business that has space to park vehicles of various sizes is a great way to cut the cost of car storage. You can wrap your vehicle in a car cover to increase security and protection.

When considering a parking space hosted by a private owner, ask them for the size of the space and photos. Most people may let you see the storage space in-person to ensure your vehicle will fit.

Note that a homeowner may store a few personal items in their garage or storage shed in addition to your vehicle. You’ll both want to check that there’s enough space for all items to safely fit in the garage or space.

What Amenities Should I Look For in Car Storage Unit?

Heated garages are a luxurious commodity and can better preserve the life of your vehicle when it’s in storage. Does that mean you must pay a premium price for decent storage?

With cheap car storage, you can still find some of the same amenities as a high-end storage facility but at a fraction of the cost. Of course, there are cheaper storage options that only offer an outdoor parking spot.

Depending on the cost of your vehicle, you may want to invest in slightly nicer car storage. The choice is ultimately up to you. Fortunately, most vehicles can withstand the sun’s rays and general weather.

When looking for car storage units, there are a few amenities you’ll need in terms of security, access, and more.

Storage Access

Storage access is an important item you must consider when looking for a car storage unit. Look for storage spaces that give you round-the-clock access to your vehicle. You don’t want to limit the access to your vehicle to only a few specific days or hours during the week.

There are plenty of affordable but quality car storage areas that offer 24/7 access. This includes both professional storage companies and private residencies.

When you contact the owner of the storage space, ask about accessibility. If you can only access your vehicle on their schedule, it may not be a good fit and you should consider another option.

Climate Control

Intense heat and unbearable cold can affect parts of your vehicle when it’s in storage. Vehicle batteries in particular are susceptible to damage from drastic temperatures while stored.

Car storage with climate control will ensure the indoor temperatures remain steady. Whether the weather is over 100˚ F or well below -20˚ F, the outdoor temperatures won’t affect your vehicle.

Climate control is a great feature but it will, unfortunately, cost you more. Storage unit facilities will charge a premium fee for this desirable amenity, anywhere from $20 to $30 per month on top of the monthly cost.

If climate control is a must, but you don’t want to pay premium prices for it, there’s another solution. This is where renting garage space from a private residence may come in handy.

Look for storage unit facilities offering promotions and deals. It’s possible you could snag a great monthly deal on a heated car storage unit.

Security Features

When you put a car in storage, it’s unlikely you’ll be wanting to check in on it every day. Good security is necessary if you want your vehicle to stay in good condition and out of harm’s way.

When visiting a cheap storage facility, look for items like locks, covered storage, fences, security cameras, and anything else that may improve the security of the car storage. The more high-end security features a facility will have, the more expensive it will be.

Many private residences have on-premise security, especially if the car storage they’re renting is near their home. A few may have home protection security inside their garage.

Rural areas aren’t free from crime but they tend to have significantly lower crime rates than urban cities. Rural areas also have fewer people passing buy which decreases the chances of anyone messing with your stored vehicle.

Self Storage with Electricity

Do you have an electric vehicle you’re putting in storage? Or would you like the convenience of an outlet should you need to charge your car’s battery after storage? Renting from a storage facility will cost extra for this handy feature.

Opting for a car storage space without electricity will keep storage costs low. Another option is to rent garage space from a private party.

Most, if not all, home garages have electricity and outlets. Those who are renting out extra garage space are unlikely to charge you extra for this feature.

How to Prepare Your Car for Vehicle Storage

Cheap car storage is only cheap if you take the proper measures to prepare your vehicle for storage. Failing to prepare your car for long-term storage can end up costing you inexpensive parts and repairs.

Start by cleaning your vehicle, both inside and out. Cleaning the interior will ensure nothing unwanted grows inside your vehicle. Cleaning the exterior will remove dirt, salt, bugs, and other debris that may eat away at your vehicle’s pain.

Change as many of the fluids as possible, such as the oil, brake fluid, and coolant.

Fill the gas tank with fuel. Filling the gas tank will prevent moisture from forming and rusting the tank. A full take will prevent the tank seals from drying out. Add a fuel stabilizer to prolong the life of the gas for at least a year.

Once you’ve parked your car, you’ll need to disconnect the battery. Disconnecting will preserve the life of the battery and will help your vehicle start when you return.

Cars that sit on the tires for extended periods of time will cause the tires to form flat spots. Protect your tires by overinflating and rotating them. If possible, try storing your vehicle on jacks.

Adding a car cover is a sure way to prevent unwanted pests, dirt, and debris from getting inside your car. Release the parking brakes on your vehicle as these can fuse to the rotor if left if engaged for too long.

Where to Find Cheap Car Storage

Finding an expensive car storage facility isn’t hard, but where can you find cheap car storage? If you look online, you can find many websites, like Stache, designed to connect people renting extra space to those looking for a space to rent. You can find anything from temperature-controlled garages to secure outdoor parking spaces.

Are you looking for a cheap storage area? Let us know! We’re happy to help you find the best rates and storage areas for your vehicle.

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