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D&H’s New Hvac Technical Training Center: Why It Matters to Homeowners

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D&H’s owner, Brett Wright, was on the “Morning Blend” show on KGun 9, discussing a breakthrough in the HVAC industry: the opening of D&H’s state-of-the-art Training Center in 2020 with, for the first time in the HVAC industry nationwide, a fully functioning 3-bedroom model house INSIDE the Training Center. Why?

Why will this be the new standard in the HVAC industry and why does it matter for Tucson homeowners?

As D&H’s owner, Brett Wright, explains: Our clients expect HVAC technicians to be respectful of their home, and to proceed with maintenance checks and service repair quickly and professionally. By training our personnel in quasi-real conditions from their first interaction with homeowners to the moment they leave with the A/C unit repaired or maintained, D&H wants to bring all our technicians to the highest standards of customer service.

D&H’s model home built inside the Training Center will be equipped with video cameras and microphones linking to a control center where all the technicians’ interactions will be video recorded for quality control purposes: the recorded training videos will be reviewed with each HVAC technician by D&H’s training personnel, and any misstep or hesitation will then be addressed to make sure our NATE-certified technicians are 100% flawless from beginning to end, whatever the challenges thrown at them are.

Already, all the big players in the air conditioning service industry nationwide follow with high interest the construction of our Training Center. This is the first time an HVAC contractor takes this huge of a step to ensure their technicians are 100% perfect. D&H Air Conditioning is establishing a new training standard in the HVAC industry.

Here is the short link to the Morning Blend interview on KGun9’s website:

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