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Copy That: Our Top 5 Office Copier Buying Tips

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You’re in the office for another morning of hard work, and you need to print something. You walk up to the office copier, and to your dismay, it’s not working. It’s time for a new one.

This can happen to any business, but as office copiers are essential to an office’s smooth running, you need to know what you’re looking for when buying a new one.

Here are our tips for buying a new office copier.

1. Work Out Your Print Volume

The first thing you need to do when looking for office copiers is work out your print volume. Your print volume is essentially how much paper or how many jobs go through your printer every month.

Some copiers can work at a print volume of 100,000, others at close to 500,000. If your office only prints 80,000 sheets in a month, then you’re better off going for the lower volume as you’ll be spending for functionality that you don’t need.

You’ll be paying per sheet of paper that you print, so there’s no use wasting extra money on a printer that does too much for what you need.

2. Figure Out Your Needs

Your printing needs and your print volume are two different things. Your print volume refers to how many sheets of paper a month you go through. Your print needs are the kind of printing you need to do.

Do you need to print in color? Or do you just need black and white? If you just need black and white, there’s no use in splashing out for a full-color printer. Even if you only need to do a few things in color, you can get some office depot color copies to save on buying a color copier.

3. What Functions Do You Want?

Your office space copier will come with set functions. The more it has, the more you pay. If your office is something like a legal office, you might need your copier to scan and fax as well as print and copy.

Copiers can come with other functions as well. Some can hole punch, bind, or print on papers that are thicker than your standard office depot copy paper. Again, if you don’t need any of these functions, don’t bother paying for them.

4. Software

Did you know that you can add software to your office copier? This software is things like business applications and document solutions software. It’s essentially a way of making your office run smoother and ensuring you’re on top of all your documents.

This could be a handy addition to an office with a high print volume as it can allow you to manage your print jobs and your documents with ease. If you’re a smaller business with a lower print volume, you may not need the extra software capabilities.

Not all office copiers come with this capability.

5. Where to Buy From

Finally, are you buying from a reputable buyer, and can you get it cheaper elsewhere?

It seems like an obvious question, but sometimes looking for office supplies and machines can be a stressful and daunting task. People are often tempted to just go for the first thing they find.

You should take some time to shop around and use a website like to compare prices from different sellers.

Your Office Copier is at the Heart of Your Business

Don’t scrimp out on a new copier, but don’t spend way more than you need to either. Your office copier is such an essential part of your business, especially if you’re in a document-heavy industry.

Buying office machinery is always a lot easier when you know what to look for and what you’re buying.

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