Hold the phone, what’s a Shewee? Does it even work? Read on for a Shewee review that may change your view of the strange device!

Picture this, you’re out trekking and need to go for a wee, and there’s no toilet in sight!

What do you do? Either pull down your pants and squat somewhere, hoping nobody will see you. Or hold on for dear might until you find somewhere to relieve yourself.

Fortunately for you, someone invented a handy device that may change your life forever. You guessed it. It’s a Shewee!

What Is a Shewee?

So, what is a Shewee anyway? A Shewee is a device that allows women to urinate standing up. Not only can you stand, but you also don’t have to remove any clothes.

The device shape is similar to a thin open funnel. You hold the large end of the funnel under your urethra and the thin end funnels outward into the toilet.

There’s an extension pipe which gives extra length to the funnel. This makes it easier to aim if you’re wearing bulky clothing or have to urinate into a jug.

A Shewee comes in a variety of colours. And a Shewee Extreme comes with its own carrying case.

You might wonder if you can use any old funnel from the shop. But unless you want to find yourself in a puddle of pee and chafed thighs, don’t try it. A Shewee’s designed especially for the female anatomy and it fits perfectly.

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Why Though?

Shewee review

You might think a Shewee sounds comical or just plain weird. But think about it for a second…

Public toilets are gross and that’s if you can even find one. What if you’re camping somewhere rural or on a road trip somewhere off the beaten track? Or waiting in line for the portaloo at a festival and your favourite band is about to play?

With no clean toilet seat to sit on or no toilets to be seen, what can you do? Unlike a man who can discreetly pee standing up, a woman has to expose herself all the way to her ankles in order to relieve herself!

Sure, squatting is good for the thighs. But having to strip down to your birthday suit to go for a pee isn’t fun for any woman.

A Shewee solves all these issues in one handy little device. But how does it work and who can use it?

Want a Shewee?

Who Can Use a Shewee?


Any woman or girl on any occasion can use a Shewee. Whether you’re camping in the middle of Australia, dancing the night away at a festival, or if you find it hard to hover over grim public toilets, a Shewee is for you.

Some pregnant women or those who have had surgery find it more comfortable to use a Shewee than to hover over a toilet seat. Some who are mobility impaired and others who have sports injuries also benefit from using a Shewee.

Women working in the Armed Forces also use them; they’re even available in Nato Green to make them more discreet. In the UK, certain police forces give Shewees to their female police officers to use when they’re on duty. Vanessa O’Brien even used a Shewee when she climbed Mount Everest. How’s that for a Shewee review?

It really is a device all women can enjoy!

How Does a Sheewee Work?

If you’re not convinced yet, you need to know how a Shewee actually works. When you buy a Shewee review the instructions on the packaging or follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Undo your trousers and push your underwear to one side.
  2. Place the Shewee under your urethra.
  3. Press the device firmly against your skin (but not too hard or you may bruise yourself).
  4. Aim the Shewee funnel away from your feet and towards the ground or toilet.
  5. Relax and urinate!
  6. When finished, give the device a little shake.
  7. Place the Shewee Extreme into the case. Or have a resealable bag ready if you don’t have a case.

The design of the device has been carefully refined over the years to create the perfect fit. Even if you’re doubtful in the beginning, try to trust it; it works.

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What if you tested it out and it wasn’t successful?

Issues and Tissues

As with anything new, it can take time to get used to using a Shewee. The instructions clearly tell you to practice in the shower first to help you get the hang of the device. Because if you don’t feel comfortable enough to do it in your own home, there’s no way you can pee behind a bush somewhere!

Here are some common issues you may face.

Can’t Pee, Won’t Pee

What if you’re desperate for the loo, whip out your Shewee and just can’t go?

You need to relax and give yourself some time. Remember that you’ve spent your whole life either sitting or squatting to urinate. Your body needs time to see that you CAN stand, pee, and be fully clothed at the same time.

Practice makes perfect. So before you take it out for a spin, practice at home.

Oh No! Overflow!

If you’re using a Shewee and find it’s overflowing, there are two things you can do. Firstly, try to control your flow. Constricting your flow to a steady pace gives the funnel the chance to work its magic.

If that still doesn’t work, buy a Shewee Flexi instead. It’s exactly the same as a Shewee, but wider. And as the name suggests, is more flexible.

Splish Splash

If you’re splashing your shoes or your clothing, you may need to angle the device closer to your body. Controlling the speed of your urine can also help to control splashing. Keep a wide stance to protect your shoes from the flow if you keep sprinkling on them.

Again, you can solve this issue with a bit of practice!

Is It Clean?

You don’t have to sit on a nasty toilet. And obviously, if you get it right, you won’t splash all over your clothes. In that sense, it’s clean.

But what do you do with the funnel after you’ve used it? You can’t just shove it back into your bag covered in pee, right?

Actually, the Shewee’s made from Polypropylene, which repels water.

Simply shake it off after use and pop it back into the case. When you get home, you can give it a wash with a little soap and water. If you’re uncertain, give it a quick wipe with a wet wipe before you put it in its case.

To Pee or Not to Pee? A Shewee Review

According to Sheewee, they sell one every 3 minutes! So it’s popular, but does it actually work?

Delphine Chui, a writer for Marie Claire said: “Urinating standing up was enough to make me feel powerful, free, and liberated. And I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was”.

On the Shewee testimonial page, there are many positive reviews. One woman said she used a Shewee in Vietnam would’ve been utterly lost without it. Another happy customer said: “This device is genius. It’s already come in handy for a motorbikes trip and whilst an all-day fishing charter and camping”.

As you can see from these experiences, a Shewee is definitely recommended. Some may scoff or laugh at the idea, but at the end of the day, it’s an impressive invention. It’s discreet, hygienic, and super convenient.

Not only is it convenient for festival-goers and hikers, but it’s also a handy device for those with health issues or even for certain job roles.

So forget the haters and try it out. You’ll never look back!

Where to Buy a Shewee

You can purchase Sheewee products from their website or Amazon.

There are several other brands that create urinating devices. They all have different handy features to make them stand out from the crowd. But the original, starting way back in 1999, is the Sheewee.

Some other brands create the device with hard materials, which can make it uncomfortable to use. We wrote a Shewee review because we believe the original is best. Others use overly soft materials that can be hard to handle and cause spills. So if you’re going to buy one, it really needs to be from the pros.

Prices start from around $20, which you might think is a bit pricey. But can you really put a price tag on comfort? You could buy a cheaper one elsewhere, but might find yourself getting pee everywhere.

The Shewee company has nearly 20 years of experience. You’re guaranteed quality. It’s worth the extra dollars.

Relief at Last!

After reading this Shewee review, are you convinced? If you try one out, all your toilet dilemmas will be a thing of the past. You really will have relief at last!

Pick up a Shewee today and never look back!

Of course, if you’re heading on a camping trip somewhere off the beaten track, you’ll need a lot more equipment. Find out more about the essentials you’ll need on your adventure right here.

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