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‘Cold, Really Cold’- the Way to a Bond Body

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Daniel Craig, ‘007’ and the star of Skyfall- the popular James Bond movie sagas, has hedged his bets for a great movie screen body on intense workouts as well as recovery with cryotherapy. The famous star worked out extensively for all of his Bond appearances, and was ripped by the time he hit the filming set for Skyfall. His famous trainer, Simon Waterson has worked with many stars to get them fit for their roles on screen. Intense, 5 day a week training sessions helped Daniel Craig show off a great physique in Skyfall. [1]

With intense training and fitness sessions, comes the inevitable pain and fatigue that accompanies the workouts. At 43, Craig was already feeling the strain of his body aging a bit and energy levels diminishing around this time. The workouts are more taxing on the body, and the recovery times are longer as we age. More and more stars are turning to advanced forms of recovery, such as cryotherapy, to offset their aging experiences, and finding that it helps them look and feel at their peak. To combat the weariness, and be able to workout more intensely for a faster result, Craig turned to the benefits of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy sessions provide many benefits for anyone with a powerful workout regimen. Daniel Craig is one of the ten most popular celebrities that do cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is the ice bath on steroids, so to speak. A fast 3 minute chamber session, and the body pulls the blood to the core, oxygenates it, floods it with nutrients and endorphins and prepares to send it to the extremities. Upon exiting the chamber, the blood rushes to the extremities and brings its healthy and healing goods. Cryotherapy increases collagen production to improve the skin and give a youthful glow, it rejuvenates the muscles and joints from workout exhaustion, and provides a healthy mental boost. Pain and inflammation are greatly reduced and the body has a speedy return to performance ready.

Daniel Craig knew the benefits of healthy and natural wellness sessions with cryotherapy would help him workout harder, recover faster and get his body fit and formed for his acting. The healthy firm skin and calories burned are just a few of the workout recovery advantages that cryotherapy has to offer. With cryotherapy you have the potential to workout harder and stronger, recover more quickly and have a healthy ‘superstar’ body too!

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