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Chief Carriers’ Podcast “Driven Too Far” Soars to #16 in Feedspot’s Top 100 Trucking Podcasts

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Chief Carriers’ Podcast “Driven Too Far” Soars to #16 in Feedspot’s Top 100 Trucking Podcasts

In the rapidly evolving podcasting landscape, Chief Carriers’ podcast “Driven Too Far” is making significant waves. Hosted by Andrew Winkler, the podcast recently soared to the #16 spot on Feedspot’s Top 100 Trucking Podcasts, a remarkable accomplishment considering its launch in November 2022.

In an incredible leap of success, the trucking podcast “Driven Too Far” hosted by Andrew Winkler, has sky-rocketed its way up Feedspot’s Top 100 Trucking Podcasts in an exceptionally short period. Initiated in November 2022 by Chief Carriers, this relatively fresh podcast debuted in the Top 100 merely three months ago, and this week, it has impressively secured the #16 spot, marking a notable achievement in the podcasting landscape.

This feat is not the only celebration for Chief Carriers as the company has concurrently been crowned winner of the Best Fleets to Drive For Program in the small company category, adding yet another feather to their already brimming cap.

A second-time champion, Winkler is the first individual to guide two different companies to the pinnacle of the Best Fleets to Drive For Program. His innate ability to foster connections with his team, dispatchers, and drivers has not only been pivotal in achieving this award but has also garnered national attention, emphasizing the respect and admiration he commands within the trucking industry.

“Driven Too Far” distinguishes itself by offering an honest, in-depth exploration into the world of trucking. From newbies contemplating a career behind the wheel to seasoned drivers seeking to deepen their industry knowledge, the podcast delivers comprehensive insights into all facets of trucking. Pay, benefits, safety, maintenance, operations, and career advancement are just a few of the topics Winkler dissects, providing listeners with a holistic understanding of the trucking business.

Winkler’s podcast addresses the pressing issue of work-life balance, a topic that resonates deeply with truck drivers across the nation. His candid discussions about the realities of the industry, paired with his commitment to keeping trucking human, have earned him an increasing and loyal listenership.

Feedspot, a platform that prudently curates and ranks podcasts across an array of categories, has provided a solid base for “Driven Too Far” to flourish. The rankings are derived from a combination of factors including relevance, frequency, social media engagements, and more, making “Driven Too Far”‘s ascent in the list a testimony to the quality content and value it provides.

The dual success of Chief Carriers, both in Feedspot’s ranking and in winning the Best Fleets to Drive For Program, underlines the brand’s commitment to quality and value for its drivers and listeners. With their award-winning fleet program and their rapidly growing podcast, Chief Carriers continue to drive the industry forward.

As we celebrate these remarkable accomplishments, we can only anticipate more from Andrew Winkler and Chief Carriers. Their dedication to honesty, transparency, and fostering a sense of community within the trucking industry continues to make waves. Here’s to the continued success of “Driven Too Far” and the hardworking team at Chief Carriers!

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