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Z-JAK Technologies’ Cybersecurity Tips for Students Heading to College


LOUISVILLE, KY (Aug. 31, 2022) – As summer draws to a close, parents throughout Kentuckiana are preparing to send their young adults to college. Whether they’re staying close to home or traveling hours away, they’ll all face challenges. Keeping their information -including banking, credit cards and personal information – safe is on the top of the list.

“Cybercriminals are always out there looking for the low-hanging fruit and unfortunately, college students top that list. Because they’ve grown up with technology and are savvy users, they think it will never happen to them. This false sense of security makes them less cautious and easy targets,” said Jeff Chandler, CEO, Z-JAK Technologies.

There are some things students can do to keep their information safe. Chandler shares these cybersecurity tips to help keep private information protected.

Some tips include:

  • Turn on Multi-Factor/2-Factor Authentication on email and financial accounts.
  • Don’t share your password with friends.
  • Create strong passwords – at least 10 characters and containing lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and at least one number – the longer, the better.
  • Use a different password for each site.
  • Access the internet through your phone not open networks (like at a coffee shop or bookstore) when making financial transactions or accessing sensitive information.
  • Use your own unique personal email not a school email for banking, credit card and other sensitive accounts.
  • Be careful what and how much you share on social media. Hackers troll social media accounts to pick up details like your dog’s name, where you went to high school, your siblings names and other identifying facts they can use to figure out your password.

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