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Additional OCR Language Packs

IronOCR supports 22 international languages, but only English is installed within IronOCR as standard.

Additional Language packs may be easily added to your .Net project via Nuget or as Dlls which can be downloaded and added as project references.

Code Samples

Both AdvancedOCR and AutoOCR classes have a Language property which can then be set as shown below:

Auto OCR

  1. var Ocr = new AutoOcr()
  2. {
  3. Language = IronOcr.Languages.Arabic.OcrLanguagePack,
  4. //…
  5. };

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OR similarly

Advanced OCR

  1. var Ocr = new AdvancedOcr()
  2. {
  3. Language = IronOcr.Languages.ChineseSimplified.OcrLanguagePack,
  4. //…
  5. };

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It is also possible to OCR in multiple languages at the same time using the IronOcr.Languages.MultiLanguage Class.

Download OCR Language Packs

Additional OCR Languages packs are available for download here:


If the language you are looking to read is not available in the list above please get in touch with us. Many other languages are available on request.

Priority on production resources are given to IronOCR licensees so please also consider licensing IronOCR for access to your desired language pack.

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